Tuesday, 7 July 2015

An End

I am sorry to report that I am ending this little experiment. If you have enjoyed it thus far, thanks for sticking with me. Sorry if you feel let down, but there's too much going on and I dont have the time or energy to devote to this at this time.  I hope that you at least check out some of my other works!

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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Give in

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“Fuck it, you know I was always going to tell you anyway,” Nikki gasped s she almost came for the fifth time.

“So what did you do?” Sammi asked.

“Orgasm first?” Nikki pleaded.

“No way, I’m not falling for that!”

“Fine,” Nikki sighed. She gave Sammi the run down on what had happened and how she’d had to convince Matt to let her suck him off in the cinema.

“Wait, you were going to blow him and he didn’t want you to?”

“Yeah, well he’s a nice boy Sammi, remember them?”

“Nope, I don’t believe that I’ve ever come across one,” laughed.

“So do I get an orgasm now?” Nikki asked as her fingers teased her nipples.

“Well ok, I guess so,” Sammi grinned. She ran her tongue up Nikki’s slit and then rubbed it against her clitoris. Nikki moaned her appreciation and lay back on her bed, pulling and tweaking her nipples as Sammi ground her tongue on her clit.

It didn’t take long for her to get off and she clamped her hand to her mouth as she squealed into it, not wanting her mother to hear her and investigate.

“Oh fuck that was good Sammi,” Nikki said to her friend as she lay with her chest heaving and her insides in happy land.

“It always is, isn’t it?” Sammi giggled, moving to suck on Nikki’s tit s before kissing her. “Now it’s my turn. I’m too wet not to cum.”

“Maybe I’m too tired,” Nikki teased.

“Maybe you’re a bitch,” Sammi responded. Nikki threw her friend off her so that she landed on her back on the bed. She began stripping her clothes from her.

“Never that,” Nikki laughed.

“No, you are certainly never that,” Sammi agreed.

Nikki buried her tongue between Sammi’s pussy lips and licked her hungrily. She loved the taste of her friend’s pussy and quickly brought her to orgasm.

“I guess I should really be going home,” Sammi sighed when Nikki’s mother called out to ask whether she was staying for dinner.

“I’m sure you could stay the night … we could have some more fun?” Nikki suggested, deciding on the spot that overnight naked company would be good.

“I dunno. Mum was pretty pissed at me last night, I probably shouldn’t risk it.”

“Oh come on Sammi, I’ll do whatever dirty thing you can think of for you?”


What does Sammi do?

Stay the night?

Reluctantly leave to keep the peace at home.

Poll closes 2nd June

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Call Her Bluff

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“I’m not telling you anything Sammi, its private between Matt and I. If you want to try and do something about it, be my guest.”
“So if I come over right now … I can torture you?” Sammi replied.
“You can try,” Nikki laughed back down the phone line. She was pretty sure that Sammi was bluffing and unlikely to head over just to try and get the information out of her, but also knew that if Sammi did happen to get it in her head to try then it was indeed possible. She was willing to take the risk.
Sammi surprised her by hanging up immediately and Nikki wondered if maybe this time she’d read her friend wrong.
Her fears were confirmed when the doorbell rang half an hour later and she heard her mother let Sammi into the house.
“She’s upstairs, you know the way,” her mother said.
Moments later Sammi crashed through the door to her bedroom and Nikki was thrown on the bed as she tried to avoid her friend’s attack.
Sammi held her on the bed with her arms trapped over her head.
“Tell me what you did with Matt,” she insisted.”
“Nope, not gonna,” Nikki laughed.
Sammi leaned in and kissed her friend, driving her tongue into her mouth. It was forceful and insistent.
“Um, door?” Nikki gasped when she had a moment.
“Naah, I think we’ll leave it open. Maybe if you think your Mum might bust us making out you’ll tell me what Matt did with you.”
“As if, you don’t want my Mum knowing what we do anymore than I do,” Nikki laughed as Sammi tried to hold both her hands and pull her top off at the same time
“Hmph. Fine, Sammi conceded, quickly jumping up and closing the door. Nikki didn’t bother moving, she knew that Sammi was in a mood where she’d fight and keep her in place. Instead she lay there and allowed her friend to resume her dominance.
Sammi kissed her hard again and started to remove her clothes. Nikki let her go and was soon naked with Sammi ‘s mouth attached to her breast. Sammi teased and sucked at her nipple, her thigh pressed hard between her legs. Nikki let her tease and enjoyed the pleasure.
Nikki watched Sammi move further down her body and sighed in delight when her friend started to lick her pussy. She closed her eyes, tipped her head back and gave herself to the pleasure.
Then it stopped.
“Going to tell me now?” Sammi asked with a grin.
“Nope,” Nikki laughed.
Sammi attacked Nikki;s pussy anew. This time Nikki was almost orgasming when Sammi stopped again.
“Tell me,” she insisted.
Five times Sammi brought Nikki to the brink of orgasm. Nikki wondered what to do.

What does Nikki do?
Give in so that Sammi makes her cum?

Hold out.

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Give in so that sammi makes her cum: 56%
Hold out: 44%

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Let her suck

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Nikki studied Matt's face in the flickering light of the cinema.

"Ok," he whispered. She thought he look worried, but was too excited to think on it overly. Glancing around to be sure that no one was paying them any attention, she attacked his shorts and extricated his erect cock. She thought about kneeling down in front of his seat, but decided that that might draw too much attention to them. Instead she leaned over his lap, hand wrapped around the base of his cock and took him in her mouth. She heard a stifled moan as her lips slid down over the crown of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then slid her lips down as far as she could go, holding him there for a long pause, her tongue teasing, fluttering against his shaft.

She felt Matt slide his butt forward, giving her better access. Nikki took her time and gave him a leisurely suck. She enjoyed the feel of his cock in her mouth. She was in no rush and her mouth moved smoothly up and down. Her hand grasped his shaft firmly and she stroked him with firm, short movements. She loved that she could hear Matt stifling his pleasured moans. She increased the pace of her mouth, bobbing up and down quicker until she felt Matt's hand on her head, stopping her. She released him and looked up.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Too good, you were going to make me cum," he replied.

"That's the whole point of it," Nikki giggled.

"I can't though, not here, not ... with everyone around us."

"Seems like you were going to be plenty capable to me," Nikki replied, stroking her hand up and down his cock.

"No, I ... I just can't."

"Oh come on Matt, live a little, do it for me?" She quickly leaned over and sucked him again, before he had a chance to protest. She relied on the fact that he wouldn't want to make too much of a scene. "Please?" she asked, pausing.


Nikki grinned, pleased that he agreed. She returned to pleasuring his cock, concentrating this time on making him cum, not wanting to draw it out and give him too much time to rethink his decision.

Minutes later Matt's hips bucked in his seat. Nikki felt his hands on her head again, though this time rather than stopping her they held her down on his cock. She felt the gush of his seed into her mouth and swallowed. Pulse after pulse of cum ejected into her mouth and she swallowed time and again to ensure that none escaped. When he'd stopped, she sucked him one last time and made him flinch in his seat.

"You're a fucking nut," Matt laughed at her as he drove her home.

"Yeah, well tell me that wasn't the best trip to the cinema you've ever had," Nikki challenged him.

"Maybe, but I have no idea what happened in that movie."

"We can always go see it again," Nikki giggled.

"Only if there's lots of people there so that I get to see it," he joked.

They drove on and chatted about random stuff until Matt pulled up in front of Nikki's house.

"See you tomorrow?" Nikki asked hopefully.

"Its a promise," Matt replied, leaning across to kiss her.

"You've got two more dates until you have to meet my Mum," Nikki informed him as she left him in the car and turned to walk up the path, laughing at the startled expression on his face.


"So, tell me what happened with Matt?" Sammi begged Nikki on the phone the following morning.

"No, its private!"

"Don't start that crap with me, Nikki, I tell you everything," Sammi chided her.

"Well, its new and stuff, I don't want to share."

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to come over there and torture you until you do," Sammi threatened.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me!"


Does Nikki tell Sammi about her date, or call her bluff?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Push Hand Under

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Clearly Matt wasn't going to be the one to make a move. She took his hand and slid it back under her skirt, slipping her butt forward on the seat at the same time. His fingers felt around a little then stilled quickly as he apparently realised what he was feeling.

Nikki grinned at the surprised look on his face in the dim light of the cinema. She sighed as she felt his fingers glide over her bald pussy lips. She spread her knees wide to encourage him, knowing that he was finding out how wet and excited she was. His finger slipped between her lips, running up and down her slick wet slit, teasing rather than penetrating.

That was all he did.

Nikki nearly screamed in frustration. Clearly Matt was very new to this but Nikki was so horny that she needed more from him. She put her hand on his and guided him. She curled her fingers with his so that one slipped into her pussy. Her other hand covered his cock, pleased to find that it was totally hard. At least she knew he was turned on! After allowing him to explore a little with his finger, mostly just sliding it in and out of her pussy, she guided his wet finger to her clit. She held it there, helping him to move it just the way she liked it. She leaned into him, sighing happily as he took over, continuing the movements she had started him with.

Nikki rubbed his cock hard. She wished she could suck it, but if she tried that he'd have to stop fingering her and she wasn't ready for that. She wanted to cum.

Matt's finger persisted, rubbing and teasing her little nub as she buried her face in his t-shirt to keep from crying out. The pleasure became intense as she approached her orgasm and she gripped his cock hard, willing him to continue. She wasn't disappointed. Matt's finger stirred her until she had to put her bite down on her fist to keep quiet. She shuddered in her seat and clamped her thighs tight on Matt's hand.

"Did you just ... cum?" he whispered to her moments later when she had relaxed enough to allow him to take his hand from between her thighs.

"Uh huh," she sighed pleasurably.

"Wow. Holy crap."

Nikki took his hand and brought his fingers to her lips, kissing and sucking them gently, watching the startled expression on his face as she did so.

"I want to suck you," she whispered in his ear, "Right here in the cinema, I want to give you a head job."

"Here? No way!" Matt hissed in response.

"Oh come on, please?" She begged, scarcely believing that any boy could say no to such an offer.


Does Matt let her blow him in the Cinema?


Vote closes Feb 17th

Yes = 67%
No = 33%

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Under the skirt

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As the movie continued to play it became clear to Nikki that Matt wasn't going to be the one to make a big move. She gently placed her hand on his and squeezed gently. She felt him squeeze her thigh in response. She gently moved his hand so that it slid up her thigh. When he touched her skirt and went to stop, she took it higher. She could feel the tension in his hand as she slid it far enough up her skirt for his fingers to brush against her underwear. She lifted her hand and left his there, spreading her legs and hiking her skirt up to give him some access.

At first there seemed to be no response and she was worried that she'd freaked him out to much, but then she heard a sigh and felt his fingers stroking the crotch of her panties. She thrust forward just slightly to increase the pressure.

That was all that happened for a little while. His fingers simply ran up and down the crotch of her panties. There was no attempt to enter them or pull them aside, just a gentle rubbing. It was still enough to get Nikki wet. She put a hand on his thigh, trying to encourage him. She would squeeze him and rub him when his fingers pushed harder, or found a spot that felt good. Then she worried that he might misinterpret and think that a squeeze meant he was going too far and that he should stop. She leaned into him and dropped her hand into his lap, finding his stiff cock trapped within his pants.

Mat flinched when she made contact, but she was happy to find that he didn't stop. She ran her fingers lightly up and down his length and then grabbed and squeezed. He moaned then looked hurriedly around the cinema, clearly worried that his utterance might get them busted. Nikki enjoyed the rapid swelling she felt as she continued to tease his cock. She wanted to feel the soft flesh in her hand, but didn't want to scare him off either. She thought that he should be the one to push the boundaries and hoped that her not-so-subtle intervention might have given him the idea that she was ok with him pushing.

Apparently he didn't get it though. She felt his hand withdraw from under her skirt and sighed. He turned towards her and kissed her. That was something at least. She'd been worried that he was about to start watching the movie again. Nikki kept playing with his cock as they kissed, squeezing and rubbing.

Matt's tongue explored her mouth and swirled against her own. Nikki bit gently at it, grazing it with her teeth when he pulled it back from her mouth. She trapped his bottom lip in her teeth, nibbling gently before kissing him again. Her heart fluttered when she felt his hand tentatively stroke her breast, the palm of his hand grazing against her nipple. It was already tight with anticipation and she found herself pushing her chest out against his hand. His fingers closed over her small breast more firmly and squeezed. Nikki moaned quietly into their kiss and squeezed his cock harder. Matt continued to play with her tit through her top. Nikki could feel the heat of his hand through her top but wanted to feel his flesh directly against hers. She put her hand over his and felt him tense. Clearly he thought she was going to stop him. Rather than do that though, she moved his hand to her abdomen, just below her top, then lifted the band of elastic and slid his hand up underneath.

Matt touched her gently, exploring. Nikki kept kissing and stroking him as he found his way, experimenting with her boundaries slowly.

Nikki couldn't help but wonder at the difference between the various men that she'd been with, some confident, some brash, some too eager. Matt was different. At times it was frustratingly so, but it was also sweet. She just hoped that he'd get horny enough to push things at a quicker pace.

Movement nearby startled Matt and his hand was quickly withdrawn from Nikki's top. She sighed, frustrated. Turning back to the movie, she wondered what she might do to push things a bit quicker, but to still leave Matt feeling like he wasn't being driven too far too fast.

With a flash of inspiration, she wiggled about in her seat until she was able to work her thong off. Matt was clearly curious about what she was moving so much for, but Nikki gave nothing away.

"You ok?" he whispered.

"Yeah," she whispered back, squeezing his hand to confirm her response. When he'd settled back to watching the movie again, she shoved her balled-up thong into his pocket. He gave her a quick, quizzical look, but she just smiled and returned her attention to the screen.

Nikki sat there, wondering what to do next. She played with his cock a bit and Matt's hand went back to her thigh but no under her skirt. She was getting too horny not to do something more. She debated what to do in her head, not even bothering to try and track the film as it played out before them.


What does Nikki do?

Push Matt's hand back up her skirt?
Free his cock so that she can stroke it?

Vote closes Dec 31st

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Let Her Go

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Thinking things through, Mr. Barnes resisted the temptation to swat her butt with the belt. As much as the thought excited him, he didn't want to get ahead of himself. There was no way he could predict how she'd react and things were too good  to have it fall apart over a poor choice.

Nikki pulled her clothes together, oblivious of the resisted temptation. When she decided she was presentable enough she went to her teacher and stood on tip-toes to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"See you soon," she said.

Mr. Barnes watched her leave his office, still amazed that it had even happened.


Nikki went through her closet, trying to find the right outfit to wear to the movies with Matt. She wanted something that was casual, didn't scream 'I'm a slut' but was hot enough that Matt wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her. She settled for a short, flirty skirt that would provide any access that Matt might desire and paired it with a cute floral midriff baring crop-top. She didn't bother with a bra. She thought about it just so that it would give more shape to her bust, but decided that if Matt wanted to feel her up, she'd make it easy for him. A simple grey thong would provide minimal resistance beneath her skirt but possibly not shock Matt as much as nothing and simple sandals completed the outfit. 

She checked herself out in the mirror, happy with what she saw. She really hoped that Matt would make a move during this date. She really liked him but kept finding herself so horny that she couldn't resist the desire of her body. Maybe if she could get him to fuck her she'd stop being so crazy around school with Mr. Barnes!

When Matt arrived to pick her up she had to fight to resist the urge to squeal in excitement. Her mother teased her about just how happy she seemed to be. Nikki gave her a withering, 'don't you dare,' look in response to a suggestion that she might come out and meet the boy that was making her so giggly. 

"You can meet him after a third date if things ever get that far."

"I'll hold you to that Nikki," her mother smiled. 

Nikki hopped in Matt's car and leaned over to kiss him, pleased when his tongue probed at her mouth.  It set the butterflies in her stomach into a frenzy. It was only reluctantly that she sat back in her seat and buckled in. The car-ride to the cinema passed with happy chatter, each of them filling the other in on what they'd been up to, Nikki half-turned in her seat so that she could watch Matt's face as he talked. 

After parking, they made their way into the cinema hand-in-hand, Nikki pressing herself as close as she could against him. They took seats as far from other patrons as they could. Nikki pushed up the armrest between them and snuggled close, kissing Matt whenever she got the chance, desperately waiting for the lights to dim. 

As the movie played, she held his hand or stroked his thigh, teasing him as much as she could without directly groping him. His fingers danced on her thigh and forearm but didn't seem likely to do anything so much as sneak under the hemline of her skirt. 

Nikki inched it higher herself, finding that the higher she moved it, the further his fingers went. It was like the skirt was a line of permission for him. She found it to be a weird experience. Creeping it higher and higher with the warmth of his touch following was kind of exciting, but she started to resent the fact that she had to be the one to do it. She wanted him to do it. She wanted him to be the one to push and try and find her boundaries. She wanted to feel his hand slip under her skirt and touch her panties while he wondered if she would stop him. 

She was getting frustrated.  She knew she should probably be pleased that he was so nice that he didn't push her, but at the same time, he didn't have to be a Ben-sized dick to get a little more out of her either. At his pace, they'd still just be kissing in six months time!

Nikki wondered if she should take direct action.


Did she take his hand and put it on her breast?
Should she spread her legs and put his hand on her pussy?
Should she just go for the grope and grab his cock?
Should she just let him move at his own pace?
Closes 15th December