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September 26th - Library


"Well thanks for the offer to help Sammi, but I really need to do this on myself and if I'm really going to do that I think that I should go to the library rather than a party. I'll be sure to come to the next one with you."

"Oh come on Nikki, I really want you to come with me, please? It's going to be so much fun and I know for a fact that Ben is going to be there. Who knows, maybe they'll win their game and he'll really be in party mode."

"No Sammi, don't do this to me, I really need to do well on this assignment. If I don't get y shit sorted there's no way I'll get into Uni. I'm going to the library."

We'll if you have to, I have one last option. How about i come with you and do mine at the same time and then we go to the party after that?  The library' snot open too late and the party will just be getting started anyway. How about it?" Sammi pleaded.

"God, I have a feeling that I will regret this, but sure, come along and we'll party afterwards," Nikki told her friend, hissing it quietly and quickly so as to end the conversation and not get busted in class.

Friday came around quickly and all week Sammi reminded Nikki that they'd be partying on Friday night.

"Why are you so anxious for me to be at the party anyway?" Nikki asked her at lunch time.

"Because its more fun with you there. Two hot girls attract a lot more guys than just one you know!" Sammi laughed back at her.

"Well at least you think I'm hot," Nikki laughed, poking her tongue out at her friend.

Sammi laughed, thinking to herself, "If you only knew just how hot I think you are, Nikki." But what she said aloud was, "So what are you going to wear tonight?"

"I dunno, probably just jeans and a t-shirt," Nikki replied.

"Oh come on, you have to make an effort. Ben's going to be there, remember? So if you want to live the dream you keep telling me about, you'd better dress the part so you can get his attention."

"Well what are you going to wear then?" Nikki asked, taking the offensive.

"I'm going to wear my white mini skirt and my hot pink top that you always tell me looks good," Sammi replied.

"Oh so it's all going to be on display then?" Nikki teased.

"Hey if you want someone to pay attention, it helps to advertise," Sammi laughed.

"I'll see you after school to go to the library," Nikki replied as the bell rang, signalling that it was time for them both to get to class.


The doorbell rang and Nikki ran down the stairs. Her mother beat her to it and was opening the door as she made the bottom. Sammi stood in the doorway, dressed ready to party, but with a back pack slung over her shoulder.

"Hello Sammi," Nikki's mother said as she took in her daughter's friend's appearance. "A Little over-dressed for the library aren't we?"

Sammi glanced past Nikki's mother to her friend, a look of apology and help on her face as she realised that she may have just dumped Nikki in the proverbial.

"Hi Sammi," Nikki said, moving past her mother to greet Sammi with a hug before turning to her Mother. "We're going to the library first to finish the report and then we're going on to the party," Nikki explained to her.

"When are you ever going to realise that you need to put school first, Nikki?" her Mother asked, a note of despair and exasperation creeping into her voice. It was a conversation that they'd had too many times before.

"No we actually really are going to the library, Mrs Hinton," Sammi chimed in. "I wanted Nikki to come to the party and do her work on the weekend, but she told me she wouldn't come unless she got to go to the library tonight.

Nikki's mother looked at her daughter skeptically. Unfortunately there were too many times that she'd been let down before to trust her daughter implicitly in such matters.

"So you won't mind showing me what you've done tomorrow then?" she asked.

"I'd be happy to Mum, I really want you to understand that I mean this," Nikki replied earnestly.

"Well in that case, have a good night and I'll look forward to seeing your work tomorrow."

Sammi turned to Nikki as Mrs Hinton withdrew back into the house.

"You can't go to the party like that, let's go upstairs and sort you out," she insisted. Nikki lead the way upstairs to her bedroom.

“You weren’t seriously going out like that were you?” Sammi asked as she eyed off Nikki’s outfit. She was wearing a pair of very ordinary jeans and plain white t-shirt.

“Well I thought that if I was going to the library I wouldn’t be able to get all dressed up if Mum wasn’t to know I was going partying afterwards. So I was going to bring something to change into,” Nikki replied.

“Right well now that your Mum knows what your doing, you can get dressed up. Let me help you look for something.” Sammi went to Nikki’s dresser and started fishing around in her underwear drawer.

“Hey, I can do underwear fine without your help thanks!” Nikki exclaimed as she pulled off her t-shirt. Sammi turned around and looked at her. Nikki was wearing a plain and somewhat daggy white cotton bra.

“Yeah, sure you can, what sort of a boy wants to undress you and find that?” she said pointedly.

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway, because its not like any boy is going to be undressing me,” Nikki said, now pulling her jeans down her legs. Sammi watched and pressed her legs together as her eyes traveled up and down her friend’s lean athletic body. It was perfect. Sammi just wished that she was brave enough to tell her friend just how she felt about her. But until such a miracle occurred she wouldto savour the few perfect moments like this one when she’d get to enjoy the view.

“Well you should at least dress like there’s a chance because when it does happen, you don’t want to be caught out!” Sammi told her. She pulled a matching pink cotton bra and briefs from Nikki’s drawer and tossed them across to her before heading toward the closet to look for something to go over the top.

As Nikki released the clasp of her bra, Sammi held her breath, trying not to be too obvious, but delighting in getting to see the garment drop away from her friend’s wonderful B cup breasts. Her nipples were small and slightly erect, the areola ever so slightly puffy, standing out from the rest of the breast. Sammi wished that she could walk over and cup them in her hands, or better yet, suck on one of her friend’s nipples. But she resisted and instead continued to peek as Nikki settled the bra into a comfortable position.

Sammi found a yellow sun-dress in Nikki’s closet and pulled it out, holding it against her own body as Nikki slid the blue cotton panties that she’d been wearing off of her legs and tossed them into the corner of her room. Sammi found her eyes glued to the trimmed patch of pubic hair that led down to Nikki’s pussy, wishing that she could spread her out and eat her. Sammi had never actually been with another girl, but for the last 2 years had been fantasizing about it more and more. And no one was the object of those fantasies more than her best friend, Nikki.

“I think you should wear this Nikki, it suggests something delightful lies beneath, its playful and happy and will make you stand out without you looking like a skank. And its light enough that it will still suggest that it’s easy to get out of!”

“Geez Sammi, anyone would think that you’re trying to get me laid!” Nikki laughed resisting the urge to point out that Sammi wasp getting pretty close to the skank line.

“That wouldn’t be such a bad thing you know,” Sammi replied. Nikki just poked her tongue out at Sammi. Nikki was a virgin and Sammi often teased her with outrageous plans to assist in her deflowering.

Nikki slipped the dress on and grabbed a pair of white strappy sandals and then the two girls grabbed their books and headed out the door to the library.

“So do you still really want to go to the library, or head straight to the party?” Sammi asked in a last ditch effort to change Nikki’s mind.

“You heard my Mum, I need to do this right Sammi, so no stuffing around, ok?”

“Sure,” Sammi sighed as they set off.


The two girls entered the library and many heads turned to watch them pass. After all, it wasn’t very often that two such good looking girls came into the library dressed to party on a Friday night. Sammi flirted outrageously with anyone that paid her attention, but Nikki dragged her down to the section that they needed to ensure that she met her commitment. She grabbed some books and buried herself in the project, all but ignoring Sammi’s attempts at conversation.

Reluctantly, Sammi pulled her books out and started doing some work. After all, she did actually need to complete the assignment too.

After an hour of studying, Nikki went to get some additional books and it was then that she spied Matt further down the aisle. She watched him for a while until he happened to look up and catch her eye. He smiled and gave a small wave. Nikki returned it, blushing at having been caught. She hurried back to the table that she was sharing with Sammi.

“Why are you so red?” Sammi asked as she watched her friend sit down.

Nikki explained about having been busted checking out Matt.”

“Then you should go and talk with him!” Sammi insisted.

“No way, I’m getting heaps done and I need to study,” Nikki insisted.

“Well I’m going to check him out and if he’s as good as you say, you’re going to talk to him!” Sammi insisted. And she stood up and disappeared between the rows of books.

She reappeared a few moments later. As she approached, Nikki realised that her heart was beating like crazy.

“Right, I approve, I’ve never noticed him before because he’s too smart, but you should definitely go there,” she said excitedly as she took her seat.

“No, I’m studying,” Nikki insisted.

“Go and flirt with him, he’s a good back up if you can’t hook up with Ben!” Sammi hissed.

“Hey, I’m not going to hook up with Ben,” Nikki said, “he’s just an object of my lust.”

“Well then all the more reason to go get Matt,” Sammi said, unrelenting. Nikki sat watching her friend. Sammi’s eyes were alive and dancing, she could tell just how much she was enjoying this exchange. She was torn. She really did like Matt and part of her wanted to do as Sammi suggested. But then, she really needed to study too. What was she to do?

Study or Flirt?