Friday, 20 September 2013

The Beginning

A Lustful Life

Highschool. What a trial. Nikki had a love hate relationship with school. She was intelligent and the work that she had to do didn't particularly trouble her, but sometimes she simply lacked the commitment to live up to the potential that she promised. At least it was her last year. After this, she'd have a choice of whether she would continue on to Uni, or just get a job and get on with life. At 18 it seemed like a tough call to make, but it was one that she'd have to face later that year.

"If only Nikki tried harder," was the lament that she heard from both her parents and teachers all too often.

She sat staring at the board, day dreaming, wondering intermittently as to whether she'd find something worth while to do after her indenture in school and yet also dreaming that Ben would finally notice her. She was starting to wonder whether she'd leave school without even having kissed a boy proprerly. When it came down to it, it didn't even have to be Ben. The fact that he was on the soccer team and a hunk was great, but not essential. After all, there was always Matt the guy in her physics class. He was hot too. And he had the advantage of appearing to have something of a brain.

"Hey Nikki," she heard, startling her back to the class. She focussed on Mr Sawver quickly, thinking that she'd been called on. She quickly realised that that wasn't the case when her friend Sammi jabbed her in the ribs with her pencil in order to get her attention.

She looked across at Sammi, an expression of mock outrage on her face at having been jabbed. Sammi grinned back at her, ignoring the protest.

"There's a party on Friday, do you want to come?"

"I dunno Sammi," Nikki replied. "We've got to finish the project for Mr Sawver, remember? I was thinking that I could get to the library and finish it off. I really need to make sure that I don't screw this one up, or Mum and Dad will be pissed.

"Oh come on, they're always getting on your back anyway. They probably will even if you do really well on the project. Come to the party and I'll help you with the project on Saturday so that you can do well."

Library or Party?

Readers voted for Library

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