Monday, 16 December 2013

Cup Her Breast

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Sammi was torn between doing the right thing by Nikki and her almost insatiable desire to have her to herself. Tentatively she slid her hand from Nikki's stomach to her breast, giving the slightest squeeze, feeling the firmness of the lovely little orb. She felt Nikki's hand close over hers and froze, worried that she had misread the situation and taken the step that she shouldn't have.

Nikki's hand held hers gently, not seeking to move it, just holding it against her breast. Sammi smiled to herself in the dark, her heartbeat slowing and her body relaxing. She soon fell asleep, holding her friend close.

Nikki woke feeling refreshed. Sammi had turned away from her at some time during the night and she rolled over to look at her. Her long blonde hair was mussed around her face and shoulders and her breasts rose and fell in time with her peaceful breathing. Nikki thought back to the events of the day before, settling on the time that she'd spent with Sammi after the game of spin the bottle. Other than the interaction with Matt in the library and the remote promise that it held, that time alone with Sammi in the bedroom had been a pleasurable highlight. She suspected that Sammi had intentions beyond just friendship and found the thought was actually attractive. She wasn't sure she was at a point where she could actually commit to a relationship with a girl though. Ben had been a complete fuck, but not all boys were like that.

Of course, just because she wasn't ready for a committed relationship with a girl didn't mean she couldn't have a bit of fun!

Nikki reached across and started drawing circles on Sammi's left breast. She spiralled her finger in toward the nipple, watching and feeling it harden beneath the daggy white t-shirt. She kept teasing it, giggling to herself and swapping to the other nipple as Sammi sleepily tried to slap her hand away.

Sammi stirred after a few more moments.

'What are you doing?' Sammi asked sleepily as she tried to come to grips with being awake.

'Playing with your nipples,' Nikki told her with a smile.

'Oh, well that's ok," Sammi grinned. She grabbed her t-shirt and quickly ripped it off over her head, discarding it to the floor. 'Be my guest.'

Nikki stared down at her friend's bare C cupped breasts. They were really sexy. She licked her finger and then ran it around the left one before pushing it down flat, folding it over against Sammi's tit and then letting it rise again. She flicked it back and forth and then, after giving Sammi a quick grin, quickly darted in and gave it a good long suck. She pulled it deep into her mouth and slowly let it slide back out until it popped free.

'Don't stop,' Sammi pleaded, smiling at her friend.

'I need to brush my teeth,' Nikki said, jumping from the bed and abandoning her topless friend.

'Well if you do, I must need to as well!' Sammi declared, following her into the little room.

Nikki brushed her teeth, leaning against the wall, perving on Sammi's tits as her friend brushed her teeth.

'What are you grinning at?' Sammi muttered around her toothbursh.

'The way your boobies wiggle when you brush,' Nikki laughed.

'I'm sure yours would wiggle just as much if you were topless,' Sammi retorted. Nikki clamped her toothbrush between her teeth and pulled her top off.

'Let's see,' Nikki declared. She stood in front of the mirror watching at their reflection as they stood side by side. She started brushing her teeth vigorously and sure enough, they were wobbling happily away. Sammi joined in with the brushing and soon both girls collapsed together in giggles as their nipples bobbed and swayed and danced with their movements.

They finished with their brushing and Sammi made to move into the bedroom, but Nikki grabbed her hand and pulled her back to her. Sammi smiled as Nikki pulled her close enough to kiss. Their tongues melded into a minty dance and their bodies pressed together, breasts mashed against one another, hands stroking all over their backs and bums.

'Someone woke up horny,' Sammi grinned when the kiss finally broke apart.

'Thank you for last night Sammi, you're such a good friend to me.'

'Nothing you wouldn't have done for me,' Sammi replied.

'So speaking of things I wouldn't have done for you ... is there something i can do for you now?' Nikki asked a little tentatively.

'You can let me lick your pussy,' Sammi suggested.

'Only if you let me shower first,' Nikki replied, blushing.

'Only if I can shower with you,' Sammi countered.


Nikki nervously turned to the shower and started the water running, slowly adjusting the temperature until she was satisfied. Sammi stood around like a kid in a sweet shop, waiting for the moment when she was invited to get into the water with Nikki. She discarded her thong and stood naked. She noticed the way that Nikki would sneak glances back at her as she adjusted the water, her eyes flicking down to her pussy and over her body. It turned her on.

Finally satisfied, Nikki quickly pulled her pyjama pants off, not really wanting Sammi to see the evidence on them as to just how excited she had become. She stepped under the flow of water and looked up to meet Sammi's eyes.

It was all the invitation that Sammi needed. She stepped carefully into the alcove to make sure she didn't end up on her butt. The two girls met under the stream of water in another kiss. Their hands explored almost ravenously. Nipples were tweaked and tugged, bottoms squeezed and spanked and pussies gently fondled.

Sammi wanted to get Nikki back into bed, but she was having too much fun in the shower. Their wet bodies slipped and slid against one another and she was aching between her legs out of desire for her friend.

'What are you doing?' Nikki asked as Sammi quickly knelt on the floor of the shower.

'I can't wait,' was her simple reply. She grabbed Nikki's butt and pulled her in so that she could run her tongue up between her legs.

'Oooh,' Nikki said as she felt her friend's tongue caress her pussy.

Moments later she was leaning back against the wall of the shower, her legs spread apart as she balanced herself. Sammi explored her pussy with her tongue, her fingers gripping Nikki's bum as she did so. She ran her tongue in and out of her friend's wet, welcoming hole, back and forth over her lips and round and around her clit. She loved what she was doing and had no intention of stopping, but Nikki began to push her head back, away from her pussy.

'What's wrong?' Sammi asked, suddenly concerned.

'Nothing is wrong, it's fucking awesome, but I think it would be even better on the bed,' Nikki reassured her.

Sammi's face broke out in a huge grin as Nikki lead the way out of the shower, grabbing a towel for each of them.

Sammi pushed her friend back onto the bed, the towels discarded on the floor, having served their purpose. She pushed Nikki's thighs apart and ran her fingers all over her pussy. She pulled at her lips and parted them, eyeing off the pretty pink opening between them. Her tongue darted out of her mouth as she thrust it into that opening, drawing an appreciative moan from Nikki.

The initial thrust was just the beginning and soon Nikki was bouncing around on the bed under the intensity of Sammi's oral talents. She wasn't given any respite, no chance to come back down, Sammi relentlessly built her pleasure until Nikki finally came with a suppressed squeal. She could feel her juices trickling down between her butt cheeks and knew that her sheet was going to be in quite a state. Her thighs were shaking and her stomach still fluttering as she lay panting in the aftermath. Sammi had crawled up beside her and was kissing her gently now, one hand caressing Nikki's tit.

'That was awesome Sammi, should I lick you too?'

'Only if you want to Nikki, I'm happy enough just getting to have finally licked you!'


What should Nikki do? Return the favour and lick Sammi or put it off for another time?

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