Sunday, 8 December 2013

Leave the Party

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"No Sammi, this whole thing has been a fucking disaster," Nikki said sadly. "Let's just get out of here."

"Ok if that's what you want to do," Sammi replied.

Sammi pulled out her phone and called a cab. The two girls went and waited out the front of the house, their mood soured. They sat on the kerb, Nikki leaning against her friend her wrapped an arm around her.

Sammi felt bad. She enjoyed just having Nikki this close to her, but after what had happened with Ben, she knew that it would be a poor time to try and pursue anything more.

The cab ride was quiet and when they arrived at Nikki's house Sammi hesitated. She was supposed to be spending the night but was worried that Nikki now wouldn't want her there.

"You're still staying the night aren't you?" Nikki said when she saw her friend hesitate.

"Of course!" Sammi quickly replied as she scrambled across the seat to get out. She followed her friend up the path to her house and soon they were in Nikki's bedroom.

"Tell me where the mattress is and I'll sort it out while you get ready for bed," Sammi suggested, trying to distract herself from what she truly desired.

"Don't be silly, you're in my bed with me!" Nikki said with a grin.


"Oh come one you always sleep in my bed. I mean you're usually the first one to suggest it, not to mention the hug good night you always insist on."

"Yeah, but well after tonight I just wasn't sure. I mean, with Ben being such a fucker and all I thought maybe you might just want to sleep alone."

"I can't think of anything better than having you there with me Sammi. It will remind me that there's lots of good things, not just shitty boys to worry about. Anyway, I think a cuddle with someone that actually cares for me will do me good."

Sammi couldn't help but break out into a huge grin and rapidly agreed to join Nikki in her bed. The mood lifted instantly as they went into the bathroom that adjoined Nikki's bedroom. They brushed their teeth, stroked a brush through each other's hair and by the time that they were back in the bedroom even Nikki seemed to have moved on.

Sammi was still cautious, knowing that Nikki was likely to dwell on the whole experience later, so she didn't push the way she would have otherwise. The girls stripped out of their party clothes and pulled on their pyjamas, Nikki opting for a cute blue shorts and singlet set, while Sammi pulled on the daggy t-shirt that she'd brought to sleep in, leaving her panties beneath.

The clambered into Nikki's queen-sized bed together.

"Hug me Sammi," Nikki demanded.

Sammi happily wrapped her arms around Nikki who turned to face her.

"Thanks so much for being there for me, you're an awesome friend Sammi."

"Aww, you'd have done the same for me," Sammi replied. Nikki just smiled.

"Will you hold me while I roll over and go to sleep?" Nikki murmured.

"Of course," Sammi assured her. Nikki rolled over and Sammi found herself spooning her friend. Her arm was draped around her and she was too aware of how close it was to cupping her breast. She had her hand flat on Nikki's tummy and wanted to move it up. She wasn't sure that she should though. It seemed too much like something a boy would do.


Should Sammi cup Nikki's breast or leave it alone?

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