Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ask for correct money

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Every bone in his body told the pizza guy that he should ask for something outrageous. He didn't have the balls for it though.

"Twelve fifty," he replied.

"Have you got the cash Nikki?" Sammi asked, turning to her friend.

"Um, can't say I do at the moment," Nikki laughed, pointing out the fact that the towel she was wearing wasn't really capable of hiding much other than her body.

"Hmm," Sammi mused, I guess I'd better go get some then. She toyed with the edges of the towel, seeming to ponder whether she really needed it or not. Nikki grinned, knowing that Sammi was mischievous enough to actually drop it if the mood took her. Sammi went off and grabbed some money. While she sorted the money, she called Nikki over to take the pizza. Nikki carefully secured her towel, determined not to lose control of it and took the pizza from the delivery boy.

Sammi returned with the cash and handed it over. She took the change and as they delivery guy turned to leave, dropped her towel with a dramatic 'Oops!'

As the pizza guy's eyes bugged out of his head, she swung the door closed, blocking his view and laughing uproariously.

"Oh my God, you're such a fucking freak," Nikki accused her as Sammi swept the towel from the floor. She didn't bother wrapping herself in it. She went to the couch, calling Nikki to come and sit with her, insisting that she too drop her towel.

"I'm not eating pizza naked," Nikki laughed.

"Oh come on, live a little," Sammi teased her.

"Nuh uh, knowing my luck I'll get burning cheese on my nipple."

"If you do, you know I'll kiss it better."

"If I don't you can kiss it as much as you want anyway," Nikki offered.

"I'll hold you to that you know."

"Oh I know," Nikki laughed.

The pizza didn't laugh long. Sammi grabbed her towel, wiped her mouth and pounced on her friend, seizing Nikki's towel and ripping it from her. Nikki squealed in protest, but didn't exactly fight her.

Sammi grabbed Nikki's exposed breasts, squeezing them firmly and sucked her nipple deep into her mouth. It was a long, forceful suck and she didn't release the nipple until she felt Nikki flinch and heard her moan passionately in response. Sammi's tongue swirled around the tight little nub, teasing it before sucking it hard again. She nibbled and teased, alternating between aggression and subtlety.

"Aren't we supposed to be getting ready for the party?" Nikki moaned after an extended bout of breast-adoration.

"Oh fuck don't do that to me, I want to make you cum,' Sammi protested.

"Later," Nikki replied. "And I'll lick you until you scream my name like never before, but we've only got half an hour and I really don't want anyone showing up while I'm naked on your couch!"

"If they did this party would have legend status for ever you know."

"Yeah, well it still might if this plan comes off. Isn't your gay friend supposed to get here early though?"

"Oh fuck, I forgot," Sammi giggled. The two girls jumped off the couch and ran upstairs to Sammi's bedroom, tis bouncing and towels abandoned on the floor. They dressed hurriedly only to hear the doorbell ring as they started to contemplate mak-up and hair. Sammi led the way to the door where  they found Sammi's friend waiting with a big grin on his face.

"Nikki, this is Jeremy. Jeremy, this is Nikki."

"Hi Jeremy," Nikki replied.

"Hey there," he replied, a big grin crossing his face. He stepped in close and opened his arms for a hug. Nikki happily returned it.

"I can't believe that you're doing this for us, its so amazing of you."

"Hey, I've been subjected to so much shit from so many of these fucking jock bastards that its too good an opportunity to pass up!"

They retreated to Sammi's room to resume the application of face paint and the fixing of hair. Jeremy joined them, listening to their banter and joining them in finalising the details of the plan.

The first guests started to arrive and before long the party was in full swing and the house filled. Nikki kept an eye out for Ben's arrival, part of her wondering if he would even show. How much would it suck if they'd gone to all this effort and he didn't even show up?

When she finally saw him come in through the door her stomach flipped. She wasn't sure whether she should be relieved or nervous, but the odd combination of the two didn't sit particularly well with her. As she stood watching him work his way through the room, his adoring fans sucking up to him, her resolve settled.

Then she spied Matt over his shoulder. That set her stomach to another level of uncertainty. She was just about to turn away when he met her eye. His face broke into a smile and Nikki was caught. He started to move through the crowd toward her and she froze. Her head spun as she wondered what to do. She couldn't help but think about what she was planning for later that night and wonder what Matt would think if he knew about it.

Should she turn and get lost in the crowd or let Matt come to her?

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