Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Wear Sammi's Thong

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Nikki could see from the set of her friend's face that resistance was futile.

"Fine, I'll wear one of your thongs, but it had better be a clean one!"

"Duh, of course," Sammi replied as if she hadn't been contemplating stripping off the one she was wearing and handing it over. She walked over to her wardrobe, slid the door back and opened her underwear drawer. She rummaged through it briefly until she found what she was looking for. She turned and threw a red micro-fibre thong to Nikki who plucked it from the air.

"Well this certainly leaves no doubt as to what a girl wants," Nikki laughed.

"That's the whole idea! Anyway, let's get everything set up and then if there's still time before the party, we can have some fun."

"'Have some fun?'" Nikki asked, knowing exactly what Sammi meant. Her friend blushed and giggled, but didn't give any more of an answer.

The two girls spent the next couple of hours cleaning and arranging things so that they'd be ready for the party. Anything valuable or breakable was put away and all of Sammi's father's alcohol was hidden. It wasn't like people weren't going to be drinking, but they didn't want to have to come up with the cash to replace it.

Eventually they were done and all that was left was to do was sort some dinner and primp and preen themselves for the party.

"Pizza?" Sammi suggested.

"Isn't there something we can cook that's a bit healthier?"

"Ugh, you don't need healthy and I can't be bothered cooking anything. Then we'd have to clean up."

"Oh alright then," Nikki laughed. "Pizza it is." Sammi grabbed her phone and ordered a pizza for them to share.

"Right, I don't know about you, but I need a shower," Nikki said as she hung up.

"A shower sounds awesome," Sammi said. Nikki could tell from the twinkle in her eye that she wasn't going to be showering alone. Sammi led the way upstairs to her bedroom and it's attached bathroom and soon the two girls were stripping out of their clothes.

"I hope you don't mind me joining you," Sammi suddenly said as Nikki stepped under the water.

"Don't be silly, of course I don't mind," Nikki replied, noting that Sammi had hesitated just outside the alcove. She was surprised to see a look of relief cross her friend's features before she stepped in under the water with her.

"Why would you even doubt it?" Nikki asked Sammi as she squirted body wash into her hand. She pushed Sammi back against the wall and started to wash her, starting with her breasts.

"Oh you know, I guess it's just the fact that you said you didn't want to be my girlfriend yet. I just kind of had this sudden thought that maybe I shouldn't push myself on you so much. The last thing I'd ever want is to lose you as a friend. I'd give up fucking you before that happened." Nikki's soapy hands glided over Sammi's full breasts and down across her stomach, back up and over her shoulders, returning to her breasts, lingering and playing there.

"Well I tell you what. If I ever feel that you're pushing too hard, I'll let you know nicely, I would never just drop you as a friend. You should know that, but you are blonde so there, I've spelt it out for you."

"Hey!" Sammi protested, flicking water at Nikki before seizing her in a hug, reassured by her words, even with the blonde comment. "I love you Nikki," Sammi said impulsively, grabbing her and kissing her.

Nikki kissed her back, her mind spinning. It wasn't the love comment that had caught her so much as the passion with which it had been delivered. The sincerity on Sammi's face was intense. It was heart-felt. Nikki's heart fluttered. She was flattered and just a little bit worried. Fortunately Sammi didn't seem to expect a response. She was too busy starting to enjoy Nikki's body.

Sammi licked and sucked at Nikki's pert little nipples, hardening them. She flicked them back and forth and teased them, one hand dipping between her legs to caress her pussy. Nikki's legs parted invitingly and Sammi quickly worked two fingers within her silky folds. She was just starting to drop to her knees when her phone started ringing.

"Oh shit, pizza!" Sammi exclaimed.

"Already?" Nikki asked.

"Um yeah, we've kind of been in here longer than you'd think," Sammi laughed, jumping from the shower and wrapping a towel about her.

"You're going down there like that?" Nikki asked amazed as Sammi left the bathroom.

"He's probably been at the door for ages already," Sammi threw back over her shoulder.

Nikki considered staying to finish her shower properly, but decided that she wanted to see the look on the pizza guy's face when Sammi answered the door wrapped in a towel. She shut off the water, grabbed a towel of her own and ran after her friend. She made it to the bottom of the stairs from where she could see the door just as Sammi opened it. True to expectation, the poor young guy's jaw nearly hit the floor.

"Hey, sorry I took so long," Sammi said. "We were busy."

"W ... w... we?" he stammered out, finally looking past the vision in the door way to see Nikki also in a towel at the bottom of the stairs. Nikki laughed when he nearly fumbled the pizza.

"Hey, don't drop it, we want to eat that!" Sammi giggled. "What do we owe you?"


What should the pizza guy answer? Should he make a play for more than money (A flash? A Blowjob? Sex?) or just ask for the right amount?

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