Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Give in

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“Fuck it, you know I was always going to tell you anyway,” Nikki gasped s she almost came for the fifth time.

“So what did you do?” Sammi asked.

“Orgasm first?” Nikki pleaded.

“No way, I’m not falling for that!”

“Fine,” Nikki sighed. She gave Sammi the run down on what had happened and how she’d had to convince Matt to let her suck him off in the cinema.

“Wait, you were going to blow him and he didn’t want you to?”

“Yeah, well he’s a nice boy Sammi, remember them?”

“Nope, I don’t believe that I’ve ever come across one,” laughed.

“So do I get an orgasm now?” Nikki asked as her fingers teased her nipples.

“Well ok, I guess so,” Sammi grinned. She ran her tongue up Nikki’s slit and then rubbed it against her clitoris. Nikki moaned her appreciation and lay back on her bed, pulling and tweaking her nipples as Sammi ground her tongue on her clit.

It didn’t take long for her to get off and she clamped her hand to her mouth as she squealed into it, not wanting her mother to hear her and investigate.

“Oh fuck that was good Sammi,” Nikki said to her friend as she lay with her chest heaving and her insides in happy land.

“It always is, isn’t it?” Sammi giggled, moving to suck on Nikki’s tit s before kissing her. “Now it’s my turn. I’m too wet not to cum.”

“Maybe I’m too tired,” Nikki teased.

“Maybe you’re a bitch,” Sammi responded. Nikki threw her friend off her so that she landed on her back on the bed. She began stripping her clothes from her.

“Never that,” Nikki laughed.

“No, you are certainly never that,” Sammi agreed.

Nikki buried her tongue between Sammi’s pussy lips and licked her hungrily. She loved the taste of her friend’s pussy and quickly brought her to orgasm.

“I guess I should really be going home,” Sammi sighed when Nikki’s mother called out to ask whether she was staying for dinner.

“I’m sure you could stay the night … we could have some more fun?” Nikki suggested, deciding on the spot that overnight naked company would be good.

“I dunno. Mum was pretty pissed at me last night, I probably shouldn’t risk it.”

“Oh come on Sammi, I’ll do whatever dirty thing you can think of for you?”


What does Sammi do?

Stay the night?

Reluctantly leave to keep the peace at home.

Poll closes 2nd June

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