Sunday, 17 May 2015

Call Her Bluff

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“I’m not telling you anything Sammi, its private between Matt and I. If you want to try and do something about it, be my guest.”
“So if I come over right now … I can torture you?” Sammi replied.
“You can try,” Nikki laughed back down the phone line. She was pretty sure that Sammi was bluffing and unlikely to head over just to try and get the information out of her, but also knew that if Sammi did happen to get it in her head to try then it was indeed possible. She was willing to take the risk.
Sammi surprised her by hanging up immediately and Nikki wondered if maybe this time she’d read her friend wrong.
Her fears were confirmed when the doorbell rang half an hour later and she heard her mother let Sammi into the house.
“She’s upstairs, you know the way,” her mother said.
Moments later Sammi crashed through the door to her bedroom and Nikki was thrown on the bed as she tried to avoid her friend’s attack.
Sammi held her on the bed with her arms trapped over her head.
“Tell me what you did with Matt,” she insisted.”
“Nope, not gonna,” Nikki laughed.
Sammi leaned in and kissed her friend, driving her tongue into her mouth. It was forceful and insistent.
“Um, door?” Nikki gasped when she had a moment.
“Naah, I think we’ll leave it open. Maybe if you think your Mum might bust us making out you’ll tell me what Matt did with you.”
“As if, you don’t want my Mum knowing what we do anymore than I do,” Nikki laughed as Sammi tried to hold both her hands and pull her top off at the same time
“Hmph. Fine, Sammi conceded, quickly jumping up and closing the door. Nikki didn’t bother moving, she knew that Sammi was in a mood where she’d fight and keep her in place. Instead she lay there and allowed her friend to resume her dominance.
Sammi kissed her hard again and started to remove her clothes. Nikki let her go and was soon naked with Sammi ‘s mouth attached to her breast. Sammi teased and sucked at her nipple, her thigh pressed hard between her legs. Nikki let her tease and enjoyed the pleasure.
Nikki watched Sammi move further down her body and sighed in delight when her friend started to lick her pussy. She closed her eyes, tipped her head back and gave herself to the pleasure.
Then it stopped.
“Going to tell me now?” Sammi asked with a grin.
“Nope,” Nikki laughed.
Sammi attacked Nikki;s pussy anew. This time Nikki was almost orgasming when Sammi stopped again.
“Tell me,” she insisted.
Five times Sammi brought Nikki to the brink of orgasm. Nikki wondered what to do.

What does Nikki do?
Give in so that Sammi makes her cum?

Hold out.

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Give in so that sammi makes her cum: 56%
Hold out: 44%

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