Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cum in my Mouth

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Nikki considered her options quickly. There was no way she wanted it in her bum and she was conscious of the fact that Ben was turning out to be far from a galant knight. He didn't deserve to get what he wanted.

“Just cum on my tits Ben,” Nikki said.

“Oh come on, that’s pretty lame Nikki, let me fill you somewhere,” Ben pleaded.

“No Ben, if fucking me isn’t good enough for you, then maybe I should just leave you to fuck yourself,” Nikki said, getting angry at the lack of appreciation she was being shown for what she’d been through.

“Shit Nikki, don’t get all fucked up on me, I just hoped for a little more,” Ben said.

"I'll make you cum. I'll use my mouth, but that's it," Nikki offered.

“Sure, that'll be great, thanks Nikki,” he replied, though less enthusiastically than she thought he should have.

Nikki pushed him and he slid his cock from her pussy and stood up beside the bed. Nikki sat up, spreading her legs so that he stood between them. She grabbed his cock, wiping her hand down it, smearing the pussy juice away from the head. She took him in her mouth and started to pump him with her hand, intending to pull her face away and make him cum on her tits at the critical moment.

Ben was grunting and groaning, clearly close to cumming. She was just about to pull him out and point his cock at her chest when he grabbed her head. He thrust violently at her mouth, shoving his cock inside and then held her head while he exploded.

Nikki gagged and coughed as cum filled her mouth. She swallowed reflexively and then slapped her hand on his chest, causing him to flinch backward, releasing her.

"You're a fucker Ben," she said angrily, wiping her hand across her mouth.

"Oh come on, it's just a bit of cum," he said, clearly unrepentant.

"Just fuck off," Nikki said, grabbing her clothes while holding back tears.

Ben just shrugged and packed himself away. He didn't even wait to see if she was properly dressed before striding from the room and swinging the door closed behind him.

Nikki took a few moments to compose herself, then left the room in search of Sammi.

“What’s up Nikki?” Sammi asked her, concerned by the look in her friend’s eyes when she had found her. Considering how happy and pissed she’d been earlier, there was little sign that she’d been drinking now.

Nikki related to her how things had gone with Ben and Sammi was initially happy for her, knowing that it was going where Nikki had wanted it to, but the by the time that she had finished the story, she was almost as angry as Nikki about what a dick Ben had been.

“Fuck, what an arsehole,” Sammi said, leading Nikki towards the door. Just as they were passing the group of guys where Ben was standing and drinking, they overheard one of the guys say,

“Dude, you nailed her? Sweet action man!” Both Sammi and Nikki looked back at the group, who had turned to watch them, noticing them walk past as the comment was made.

“You’re a fucking ass Ben,” Sammi said as the guys laughed and whooped it up. They turned to leave and as they did, almost bumped into Matt, who had just arrived and overheard the exchange. He gave an uncertain smile to Nikki, but didn’t say anything. He turned and walked out of the party, Nikki and Sammi close on his heals, but neither of them prepared to say anything.

"Fuck!" Nikki said, "Now I've totally fucked things up. I should have waited for Matt. Now he won't want anything to do with me. Leg's get the fuck out of here."

"You could always talk to Matt Nikki," Sammi suggested.


Should Nikki stay and try talking to Matt or head off home with Sammi?

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