Saturday, 25 January 2014

Return the favour

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"I want to Sammi, I want to taste you and make you feel as good as you made me feel," Nikki replied, tracing a circle around Sammi's nipple with her finger. Sammi grinned at her friend, having hoped for that response. She'd been unsure if it was the one that she would get and hadn't wanted to be the one asking for it either.

Sammi pulled Nikki to her, kissing her tenderly, her tongue gently caressing her friend's lips, parting them, tasting them, feeling for the moment when Nikki's tongue joined with hers. Her hand sought out and found Nikki's breast, the nipple peaked and hard with desire. She played with it until Nikki flinched away, Sammi's grasp too tight on her nipple. 

Sammi bit gently on Nikki's bottom lip, pulling it away from her mouth. Nikki returned the favour as soon as Sammi had released her lip. 

Nikki pushed Sammi onto her back, rolling over to slide on top of her, mashing their breasts together. She ran her fingers through Sammi's hair, admiring the curve of her cheek bones, her pert little nose and the glint of moisture on her full, sensuous lips. She kissed her hard, finding herself thrusting her crotch at her friend. Sammi's legs parted and Nikki fell between them, thrusting, almost wishing she had a cock to fuck her friend with. She was surprised at just how horny she was having only cum minutes before. It wasn't enough to stop her though as she began a slow process of trailing licks and kisses down her friends body.

Each nipple received plenty of attention from her lips teeth and tongue. Nikki enjoyed listening to the little gasps and whimpers that escaped Sammi's mouth as she would suck or nibble at a nipple. She finished by gripping the left one in her teeth and pulling it hard away from her breast. She expected Sammi to squeal and complain (that's what she would have done) but was surprised when Sammi moaned pleasurably in response.

She nipped and licked at Sammi's ribs, then swirled her tongue down and around her belly button until she was finally far enough down the bed to be faced with her friend's glistening bald pussy.

Nikki took a few moments to trace the contours of her friend's puffy pussy lips. They were deliciously pink and swollen and a bead of moisture nestled at the opening to her vagina. Nikki ran her finger through it and along the silky skin until she traced it over Sammi's clit. Sammi moaned again as Nikki delicately circled the hardened little bud with her finger, barely touching it. She giggled when Sammi thrust herself at the finger, clearly desiring harder contact than what she was getting.

NIkki snaked out her tongue and ran it up Sammi's slit, tasting her. Around and over and between her lips her tongue worked, avoiding the clit for the first couple of minutes, teasing and building her friend's desire. She glanced up along Sammi's body to see her head thrown back, eyes closed and her hands kneading her breasts. She smiled to herself and reverted her attention to Sammi's pussy. 

Pointing her tongue, Nikki ran it firmly over Sammi's clit. Her friend bucked her hips and gave a happy little squeal even as Nikki repeated the move. She allowed her tongue to soften again and circled the little nub, using delicate and gentle motions as she had with her finger. She felt Sammi's hands in her hair, tangling and pulling, not urgent, but insistent. She thrust her tongue harder, rubbing it against Sammi's clit.

'Oh fuck yes,' Sammi cried out.

Nikki took that as the sign that she was doing things right and rubbed her tongue back and forth, up and down Sammi's clit. She could feel her friend squirming and writhing on the bed and slipped her hands beneath her buttocks, pulling herself hard against her pussy.

Sammi squealed loudly when she came, a small gush of fluid seeping from her pussy. Nikki dipped ran her tongue through it, tasting her friend's pleasure before slithering back up her body to kiss her and share it.

'Nikki you have no idea how long I've wanted you to do that to me,' Sammi said happily several minutes later as they lay together in bed holding each other.

'It was fun,' Nikki said. 'And I loved you doing it to me.'

'Enough to be my girlfriend?' Sammi asked tentatively.

Nikki was stunned. She wasn't quite sure what to say. She'd had a lot of fun, but was this really what she wanted?

What on earth was she going to say?

Did she say yes, and try out being Sammi's girlfriend? Should she turn her down?or should she perhaps leave the door open to the possibility?

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