Monday, 3 February 2014

One Day Perhaps, But Not Right Now

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'Sammi, you know I love you but I really can't say yes just now.' The look on Sammi's face didn't make things any easier for Nikki, but she ploughed on. 'I mean It's not right out of the question, but just at the moment I think I'm more confused than anything. I mean, shit last night I thought I might have been about to have a boyfriend and this morning you're asking to be my girlfriend.'

Sammi gave a huge sigh.

'It's ok Nikki I do understand. I hadn't even really meant to put you under any pressure. Just after what we shared, well shit, it slipped out earlier than I'd intended. I just hope that I get to have some more fun with you even if you're not strictly my girlfriend.'

'Of course, I want that too!' Nikki exclaimed, pleased to see Sammi's eyes light up again at the prospect. The two girls shared a happy hug and started getting ready for the day ahead.


'Hey Nikki,' Sammi greeted her the following Monday morning at school, giving her friend a quick hug. Nikki returned the embrace and the two girls settled into some early morning chatter as they headed for the first class for the day,.

'Mr. Barnes first lesson,' Nikki said to Sammi, nudging her with an elbow. Sammi rolled her eyes in response, having listened to hours of Nikki day-dreaming about what their science teacher might be packing in his pants and what she would do with it if she were to ever get the chance.

'Oh come on Sammi, you know you would too,' Nikki giggled.

'Personally I think I'd rather go with Mrs Primble thanks.'

'Yeah, well she's hot enough, but I know that you'd happily jump Mr. Barnes' bone if he threw it your way,' Nikki agreed, thinking of the new arts teacher Sammi had mentioned. She had come to the school just that year and was slim and petite, red haired and full of positive energy. 'Unfortunately for you she's married which means you're probably not packing the right equipment.'

'Oh don't be so sure, I reckon all girls are up for a bit of fun, don't you?' Sammi replied, slipping her hand quickly up Nikki's short school skirt to grab at her bum. 'Or maybe I could just go entertain her and her husband!'

'Sammi' Nikki exclaimed slapping her friend's hand away as she quickly looked to see if anyone was looking. Sammi just laughed at her and they waited for a reason to enter the class.

'Come along girls, no need to linger in the hallway,' Mr. Barnes said, startling both of them as he came around the corner and made his way through the class room door.

'Mmm, that bum,' Nikki hissed under her breath to Sammi, watching their teacher walk into the room in a well fitted pair of slacks.

'Right, everyone finished their assignments?' Mr. Barnes asked at the start of the lesson. There were less than enthusiastic mumblings of yes from most of the class and then a steady procession to the front to turn them in.

Nikki dropped hers on Mr. Barnes' desk with a smile, happy that she'd spent the time in the library to finish it off when she had. She wasn't about to tell her mother that one of the reasons she'd been happy to complete it had been because ti was for her favourite teacher.

Nikki spent the rest of the class alternating between dirty day dreams about her teacher and trying to keep up with what she was supposed to be paying attention to.

The happy mood that she left the class in was somewhat spoiled when she saw Ben coming the other way. She wasn't sure what she expected, but she definitely hoped that he wouldn't say anything embarrassing. As it turned out, he didn't even acknowledge her existence. She was surprised to find that that set her blood to boiling.

'Stupid arrogant fuck!' she hissed. Sammi took her arm to steer her to the next class, trying to calm her down.

'That's all he is Nikki, don't worry about him.'

'But there's six months of school left and I have to see him every fucking day!' Nikki lamented.

'Then trust me, the best thing to do is move on. He'll be hooked up with another bimbo from the cheer leading squad by tomorrow and he definitely isn't worth worrying about.'

'I just want to fuck him up and make him feel as bad as he made me feel.'

'Then get revenge.'

'Really? Should I?'


What should Nikki do?

Move on and not worry about Ben,

Plot revenge and bring the dick down?

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