Sunday, 16 February 2014

Seek Revenge

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'Hell yes you should,' Sammi said enthusiastically. Nikki grinned at her. It was always good to have a friend like Sammi that was willing to do anything for you.

'I have no idea how to go about it though,' Nikki lamented.

'Give me some time, I'm sure that I can come up with something,' Sammi assured her.

'Thanks Sammi, you're the best,' Nikki replied, giving her friend a long warm hug.


The following day Nikki had Mr. Barnes again and was excited when he was handing out their assignments.

'Good job Nikki,' he said as he dropped it on her desk. Nikki glanced down at the paper and was disappointed to see that she had received a B. Her heart sank. It wasn't that it was a poor mark, it was the fact that she'd gone out of her way to put the effort in and had really been hoping for an A. With an A she could have taken it to her mother and given her a real 'I told you so.' With a B her mother was likely to simply tell her that if she hadn't gone to the party she could have managed the better grade.

It put Nikki in a funk for the rest of the class. Only at the end was she able to approach her teacher.

'Mr. Barnes, can I please talk to you about my grade?'

'Sure Nikki, but right now I have another class and so do you, so perhaps you can come and see me in my office at lunch time?'

'Ok, thanks,' she replied, disappointed that she couldn't get it addressed right away.

She left the class with Sammi, muttering about it on the way to the next one.

'God Nikki, a B is awesome, shit I only got a C, I don't see what you're worried about.

'Yeah well you know what my mother is like Sammi, she'll just turn around and tell me that there's room for improvement and that she was right that I shouldn't have gone to that party. Like the party wasn't shitty enough the way it turned out anyway without having that piled on me as well.'

'Well what can you do about it anyway. You know Mr. Barnes won't change it, all he'll do is give you some pointers as to what you can do better next time.'

'That's got to be better than nothing,' Nikki replied, 'At least I can tell Mum that I spoke to him about it.'

'Or you can just go the porn route and offer him sexual favours for a better grade,' Sammi laughed.

'Oooh, yeah that would work,' Nikki joked. 'I'll just go in there with my buttons undone and my skirt really short and get on my knees for him.'

'Exactly!' Sammi laughed.

They reached their next class and nothing more was said.

At lunch time Nikki and Sammi walked to Mr. Barnes' office and Sammi waited outside while Nikki went in to discuss her grade.

'Hello Nikki, now what is it that you wanted to know?'

'Well, I'd like to know what I could have done to get an A Mr. Barnes, of if there's anything I can do to get it lifted now? Can I resubmit or something?'

'Let's go through it together Nikki, come and sit here,' he said, indicating for her to bring his spare chair to his desk.

Nikki pulled the chair close and put her paper on his desk. They started going through it, with Mr. Barnes showing her where she had lost marks through the assignment and giving her pointers as to how it could have been improved.

The longer she sat there, the more conscious Nikki became of the proximity of her dream teacher. She could smell him up this close. It was a nice manly smell, clean yet with a hint of cologne. She squeezed her legs together and then when she thought he wasn't paying attention, quietly undid the top button of her school blouse. She had no idea if he'd notice or not, but she was starting to want to undo them all.

'Are you sure I can't resubmit? Is there any way I can get an A Sir?' she pleaded, going on to tell him about the commitment that she'd made her mother and the hell that she was likely to go through when she got home, the fact that her social life was possibly over.
Mr. Barnes listened with a sympathetic ear. It wasn't as if he hadn't heard it all before. Too many parents put unrealistic expectations on their kids when what they really needed was balance. Too much study and no fun rarely turned out a good student at the end of the year. They might have grades, but they typically wouldn't have the social skills that would make them a complete person.

'I tell you what Nikki, I'm not a fan of resubmissions, because if I don't give everyone the same chance, it isn't really fair on everyone else. However, because this seems to mean so much to you, I'll let you redo the assignment and resubmit it. If, and only if you turn in something extra special, I'll consider amending your grade. How does that sound?'

'Oh that would be awesome Mr. Barnes!' Nikki said, jumping up from her seat and grabbing the paper. Mr. Barnes stood to show her out of his office and Nikki impulsively seized him in a hug.

Mr. Barnes froze a bit when she hugged him. Contact with students wasn't something that was allowed, but this seemed genuinely spontaneous. Had it not been for the fact that Nikki was one of the hottest girls he taught and that he'd been way too distracted by her as they sat so close together for the last half hour, he probably wouldn't have thought anything of it. As it was though, having her pull herself against his body produced a perfectly natural reaction. His cock hardened. He twisted himself to keep it from pressing against her.

Nikki left, happy again and Mr. Barnes retreated to his office, thoughts seeping into his mind about what a hot young student might be willing to do to improve their grade when they're desperate.

Dare he try his luck when she returned?


What should Mr. Barnes do?
See what Nikki would do for an improved grade.
Do the right thing and just judge her schoolwork?

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