Thursday, 27 February 2014

Take Advantage

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'So, have you had any thoughts about how to pay back Ben?' Sammi asked. It was the weekend and the girls were lounging around Sammi's pool, Nikki in a navy blue halter-necked bikini and Sammi in only her black bikini bottoms. She had told Nikki that she wanted to get rid of some of her tan lines as she'd quickly removed the top and dropped it beside them. Sammi's parents and her brother weren't home, but Sammi hadn't been able to tell her exactly when they'd be back either.

'Not really, I was kind of distracted by Mr. Barnes.'

'Well that's why I'm your friend then, because I have an idea.' Nikki sat up on the sun lounge and turned to look directly at her friend.

'Tell me!'

'What would Ben hate more than anything in the world?' Nikki took some time to think about it.

'If people thought he was gay?'


'And you have a plan for this to happen?'

'I have a plan to provide evidence that he is, even if its not true,' Sammi said with a grin, sitting to face Nikki, her unrestrained breasts bouncing delightfully.

'Tell me!' Nikki insisted. Sammi leaned in close and hurriedly told Nikki her idea. Nikki offered a few tweaks here and there and half an hour later, they were agreed on how they would proceed. It would need a week or two to set up.

'You're so fucking devious,' Nikki said to Sammi gigging as they lay back to sunbathe again.

'You're not wrong there,' Sammi agreed.

'Ladies,' a voice echoed across the yard, startling both of them. They turned to see Sammi's older brother Glen strolling across the paving toward the pool. Nikki enjoyed watching him walk up to them in his board shorts, ready for a swim. He had a job as a labourer, having not been able to decide on a career path after he'd left school a couple of years earlier. That and a bit of a gym obsession had left him with a very eye pleasing physique. Nikki was surprised to see that Sammi hadn't even bothered to cover her breasts. Glen didn't seem to react over-much either.

He walked past them and dove into the pool.

'Do you spend a lot of time topless around your brother?' Nikki hissed to her friend as he disappeared under the water.

'Oh yeah, everyone in my family is used to seeing them by now,' she laughed. Mum used to crack it, saying that I shouldn't be putting such a display on in front of Dad and Glen, but I just kept doing it. I used to love the fact that they'd have to try and hide the erections it would give them, but they're so used to it now that they don't even bar up that much anymore. Not unless I start tweaking my nipples or something.

'Oh my god and I thought I knew you,' Nikki laughed.

'You know I'm a freak,' Sammi said.

'Yeah, but I didn't realise you like to flash your family!' Sammi just waved it off.

'If you want to see Glen hard, just take your top off, you won't be disappointed you know.'

'Sammi!' Nikki said, aghast.

'Just a thought, I saw you checking him out and I know he loves it when you're here. Shit, he probably only came out for a swim to check you out in your swimsuit.


'Look, I bet if I go inside for a bit, he'll be over here in no time. He'll swim up to the edge of the pool, because that will give him a view up between your legs and over your cute little mound and he'll start chatting.'

'You are so dreaming.'

'I bet you he does. I'm going inside and if he doesn't, I'll shout you lunch at Quiarta.'

'And if he does?'

'You have to give me an orgasm.'


'Scared I'm right.'

'Thinking that you're asking a lot as a prize more like it,' Nikki laughed. 'But you've got a deal.'

Sammi grinned at her and stood up and left the pool deck, wandering inside, leaving her abandoned bikini top on the sun lounge. Nikki nervously watched Sammi swimming around the pool. He stopped for a breather, glanced over in Nikki's direction and sure enough, made a beeline to stop poolside exactly as Sammi had said he would.

'So Nikki, what's new in your world?' he said.

'Not much,' she answered, sitting up to face him, conscious that with one leg either side of the lounge she was giving him a great view of his crotch.

'Any boyfriends hanging around?'

'Well not as such,' she replied blushing.

'Wow, I would have thought the whole senior year would have been chasing after you.'

'Apparently I'm kind of invisible at school.'

'Huh, clearly they haven't seen you like this,' Glen said.

'Damn straight, it's not really school wear,' Nikki laughed.

'Told you!' Sammi called out as she stepped back onto the deck at the rear of the house.

Nikki sighed. Glen looked at her with a puzzled expression, but Nikki didn't bother explaining. Sammi skipped over and sat back on the lounge.

'You should take your top off and get rid of the tan lines Nikki,' Sammi suggested. Nikki was only saved from having to answer from her phone ringing beside her.

'Time to go,' she said, slightly disappointed after she'd answered. Mum needs me at home.

'Damn, well feel free to come around anytime,' Glen grinned. Sammi rolled her eyes at him as she put her bikini top back on and escorted her friend out.


Nikki excitedly waited outside Mr. Barnes' office. She'd redone the assignment and was looking forward to getting him to review it. She leaned against the wall by his door, waiting for him to return from his last class. She glanced down at her blouse and quickly undid an extra button. It meant that if she leaned over, she'd probably give him a good view of the lacy white bra she'd worn. That wouldn't be all bad.

She spied him coming down the corridor and quickly stood up straight.

'Hello Nikki,' he said as he approached. 'Does this mean you've reworked the assignment?'

'Uh huh! I sure have, do you have time to take a look at it?'

Mr. Barnes glanced around and then nodded yes. He unlocked his door and went inside, holding it for Nikki. He swung it closed behind her. Nikki glanced back over her shoulder as she entered, noting that the school was almost deserted, classes having finished 45 minutes earlier. No one had seen her enter.

She waited as Mr. Barnes took a seat at his desk and then slowly leaned forward over his desk to place the paper in front of him. She felt her blouse fall away from her chest and watched her teacher's eyes carefully. Sure enough, as much as he clearly tried not to, his eyes lingered as they caught the view down her blouse.

Nikki sat back and let him read through her reworked submission.

'Well, did I get everything that I needed to fix, she asked anxiously when he looked up at the end.'

'You know Nikki, I really think you did. Had you submitted this the first time, I'd have given you an A+.'

'But now?' she prompted, sensing the but coming.

'But I still have this issue of equity with all the other students. They haven't had the same chance to resubmit.'

'Oh come on Mr. Barnes, there has to be something I can do,' Nikki lamented, fingers twirling in her shoulder length auburn hair. Mr. Barnes eyes travelled down to her chest. Nikki's breathing quickened. She brought a finger to her mouth, doing what she thought Sammi would do. She sucked it into her mouth a little.

'Maybe we could come to some arrangement,' Mr. Barnes said cautiously, shifting in his seat.

'That would be awesome, I would be so thankful Mr.Barnes,' Nikki said. She wondered what her teacher might expect from her. How far would she have to go to get from a B to an A?

'Maybe if I were to see that you're not hiding any cheat notes in your blouse Nikki. Perhaps that would help me determine that this is your own work.

'Um, ok, that sounds fair,' Nikki replied almost as nervously as he had made the statement. Clearly he was clutching at straws for some sort of remotely plausible reasoning rather than simply asking her to get her tits out, but she was willing to go along with the charade. She stood up opposite him, the desk a physical barrier. She brought her hands to the buttons of her blouse, slowly undoing them one at a time. When the last was released, she dropped the blouse off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, standing in front of her teacher in her white lacy bra, her nipples hardening.

'I hope that bra isn't hiding something Nikki, that will have to come off too,' he said, warming to the sight of the gorgeous student's skin before him. Even though he knew he'd just crossed a line he had resisted for years, the rock solid erection he had drove him onward.

Nikki reached behind her back and released the clasp of her bra. She put her hands over the cups, hesitating.

'Does this get me an A Mr. Barnes. Is showing you my little titties enough?'

'I think I'd need to touch them for an A Nikki.' Nikki considered her options. How badly did she need the A? It wasn't really necessary. Her grade over all would still be good, but this was about freedom and proving to her mother that she could have a social life as well as get good grades. She didn't want to go too far though ... Should she bargain a little harder or let him touch her?


What should Nikki do?

Let Mr. Barnes feel her little tits or bargain harder?

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