Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Do the right thing

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As tempted as she was to skimp on her efforts for the assignment, she knew that if she did she wouldn't get the results in the end of year exam that she wanted. She sat down and did the hard yards, making sure that she took into account all the feedback she'd received on the previous assignment.
She was almost finished when the phone rang.

"Nikki, he said yes!" Sammi said excitedly when she answered the phone.

"Um, who said yes to what?" Nikki laughed. She was used to Sammi starting a conversation at the middle, but that didn't make it any easier for her to read her friend's mind (unless there was sex involved).

"My friend said yes to helping get revenge on Ben."

"Oh, that's awesome!" Nikki replied with genuine glee. "But how are we going to make it happen?"

"Well I figure there's two options. Either we do it at a party or we lure him somewhere private."

"I think it would be easier if we did it at a party, don't you?" Nikki asked. "That way he'll be drinking and more likely to say yes to one of us than if we have to get him to meet us somewhere else."

"Good thinking. We can drink, or at least pretend to so that it might seem that we're being a little more liberal than we would be at school. But how can we set it up if we're at some random party?"

The phone went silent and Nikki knew that Sammi was thinking.

"Got it," Sammi said. "I'll host it! That way I can set it up anyway I want."

"Oh that's brilliant, will your folks let you?" Nikki asked.

"Yeah, they promised me earlier in the year that I could have one party this year as long as it wasn't too close to exams. I'll just hold it earlier than I planned and we'll fuck over that creep Ben."

"You're so fucking awesome Sammi."

"I really am, aren't I?" Sammi laughed in response to the compliment.

The girls discussed some of the finer details and then said goodbye to each other, Nikki working on finishing her assignment and Sammi starting to work out the logistics for the party.


Nikki almost skipped into the classroom with her assignment in hand.

"Here you go Mr. Barnes," she said, bending over slowly to place it on his desk as close to him as possible. She'd daringly removed her bra at lunch time and released two buttons on her school blouse. She caught her teacher's eyes flick to her breasts. She'd practiced in the mirror and knew that he was able to see all the way to her nipples. They were hard at the thought of it (and maybe because she'd played with them a bit."

"I hope it's up to standard Nikki," Mr. Barnes said to her, reluctantly dragging his eyes away from the delightful view. "And I think you might need to take a trip to the bathroom and tidy up before you rejoin the class young lady."

Nikki glanced down, expecting to see a mark or wet spot or something on herself that she'd missed, but there was nothing there.

Whispering quietly enough that no one else could hear, Mr. Barnes firmly told her that being able to see nipples through her blouse was beyond what he could accept in his class room. Blushing, Nikki  grabbed her bag and hurried to the bathroom to put her bra back on.

The rest of the class passed without incident though on the way out Nikki did stop to check when her assignment would be marked.

"I should be able to have it back to you tomorrow Nikki."

"Awesome, thanks Mr. Barnes," she grinned, leaving with a happy little skip in her step.


"Hey Nikki, it's all set. My parents have agreed and I'm going to text out the details tonight."

"Yay!" Nikki grinned, grabbing her friend in a hug.

"Do you think you'll play spin the bottle at my party?" Sammi asked her friend. They were sitting on Sammi's bed together after school. Sammi ran her finger lightly up Nikki's thigh as she asked.

"I dunno, I mean, if I were going to I don't know that there'd be anyone there that I'd actually want to play with. Unless you've inviting Mr. Barnes?"

"Nikki!" Sammi protested, laughing. She pushed her friend back on the bed and quickly moved astride her, pinning her there.

"I am definitely not inviting Mr. Barnes."

"What about Matt?" Nikki asked. Sammi sighed. She could see that despite the fact that Nikki was teasing her, she actually wanted him there.

"Yes, Matt gets an invitation."

"Then maybe I'll play spin the bottle," Nikki mused.

"Maybe you should practice so you know what to do?" Sammi suggested.

"But there's only the two of us ..."

"I know," Sammi said, her hands resting on Nikki's waist. They moved to cover Nikki's tits. "Shall we practice the game?"

Nikki looked at her friend. She knew Sammi wanted her again. She was tempted. Her body was telling her to go for it, but she was starting to wonder whether having fun with Sammi was just leading her on.

Should she do it or not?

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