Sunday, 9 March 2014

Let Him Feel ...

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"Ok, I can live with that," Nikki smiled back at him. She lowered her hands, the bra going with them and revealing her pert little tits to her teacher. She could feel her nipples hardening in reaction.

"Wow, they are truly lovely," her teacher told her, moving from his seat to stand in front of her.

"They're only tiny," Nikki lamented, thinking of Sammi's gorgeous breasts and how much fun they were to play with.

"I wouldn't worry about the size if I were you," Mr. Barnes said, reaching to cup a small breast in his hand. "If you enjoy having them touched and they bring you pleasure, then you're not really missing out on anything. I happen to adore small breasted women."

Nikki smiled, enjoying the confident touch of her teacher as he fondled her. He held both breasts, caressing and rubbing them, occasionally lightening his touch enough that his palms would graze across her hardened nipples. Nikki shuddered, the sensation sending thrills through her body. He played with them for several minutes before relinquishing his hold.

He went back to his desk, pulled up the marking file on his computer and amended Nikki's grade to an A.

"Thanks Mr. B!" Nikki said with genuine delight.

"You understand that the standard has now been set Nikki. You know what you need to turn in for an A."

"Yes Sir," she said, wondering if he meant the standard of the revised paper or her tits.

"Now I think you should dress properly before you leave my office."

Nikki giggled and picked up her discarded bra. She shoved it in her back pack and re-buttoned her blouse.

"You made them very hard," she said to him as she saw him eyeing off her nipples. The blouse wasn't quite opaque enough to completely hide them without the bra. She brushed them with her fingertips, grabbed her bag and left with a wave over her shoulder, looking forward to going home and telling her Mum that she'd scored an A.


Normally Nikki and Sammi told each other everything, but on this occasion, Nikki decided that her friend didn't need to know what she'd done. She'd hate to think that Sammi would do the same thing or that it would somehow get out. She kept it as her own secret.

"So, I've been thinking about this revenge plot," Sammi said to her at lunch. "I've been wondering how we can make Ben look gay. We need help because the only things that I can think of that would do it would be a compromising photo. I doubt we could ever trick him into sucking dick, but I think we could maybe get him another way."

"How?" Nikki asked.

"WEll, you know how he wanted to fuck you in the bum?"


"Well, just imagine that he's blindfolded and thinks he's about to stick his cock in a girl's bum. Then we switch out the girl for a boy and voila! He sticks his cock in a guys arse and we photograph it."

"Oh my God that would be so fucking funny!" Nikki declared. "The only problem is finding a guy that would be willing to have a cock in his bum. I don't know any."

"I might," Sammi suggested.


"Yeah, but leave it with me, because if he's not prepared to have you know, then I don't want to involve him. I think he just might though. What we need is a plan to lure Ben into the deal."

"I think I can do that," Nikki said.


"Yeah, I hate him enough now that I reckon I know just how to lure him in. It will involve you though."

"That's ok, whatever you need," Sammi replied.

Nikki started thinking out loud as she fleshed out a plan.

"We need an excuse for a blindfold and stuff, so I reckon if I told Ben that I wanted another chance, that I was willing to do stuff that I hadn't before that he'd take me up on it. If I also offered that you wanted a turn because all the girls were talking about how hot he is in bed, that we could swing it. If we told him that we'd only let him do it though if he were blindfolded so that he didn't know which of us he was doing at any given time that he'd say yes. What do you think?"

"I think you've got the makings of an evil genius," Sammi laughed.

"Right well you tell me if you find a bum for hire and then I'll approach Ben. If we don't have a boys bum for him to fuck, then there's no point."

Sammi agreed just as the bell went to indicate the end of the lunch period.

"Mr. Barnes time!" Nikki grinned as they made their way to class.

"God help me," Sammi laughed.

Nikki half dreamed her way through the class, remembering the feel of her teacher's hands on her tits, half wishing that they'd touched her somewhere else. She wished she'd stopped at the toilets and taken her bra off, but had to settle for a normal lesson. At the end of class they were set another assignment. Sammi bitched about it, but Nikki was left wondering as to how much effort she should put in.

Should she try for an A or turn in something lesser and see if she could take the same path as last time?

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