Thursday, 27 March 2014

Have fun with Sammi

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"If I say yes, will there be an actual bottle involved?" Nikki asked with a giggle.

"Only if you want there to be," Sammi replied, her eyes lighting up at the possibility of Nikki agreeing.

"It would seem a bit pointless, I mean I could really only spin you and you could only spin me. The only thing that would change would be that we would be telling each other what to do or something."

"So ... no bottle?" Sammi suggested, her hand brushing up Nikki's thigh, drifting under her school skirt.

"No bottle, just fun," Nikki agreed.

Sammi all but pounced on her and Nikki found herself pinned back on the bed with Sammi's tongue invading her mouth. Sammi's knee was spreading her legs, pressuring her pussy. Sammi kissed her for a long time and Nikki got wetter and wetter in response.

"I need to move Sammi," Nikki gasped when she was given sufficient time to breathe. Sammi giggled and clambered onto the bed, waiting for Nikki to join her. Sammi kissed her again. Calmly and lovingly. Nikkki felt her friend's hand slip under her skirt. The fingers teased at her panties, feeling how wet they were. Nikki relaxed and let her friend take the lead.

Sammi wiggled down between Nikki's legs, pushing her skirt up out of the way.

"Such practical panties Nikki," she teased, running her fingers over the wet crotch of the blue cotton.

"It's school, what do you expect me to wear?"

"Oh there's nothing wrong with them, they're just not very adventurous."

"What are you wearing then?" Nikki asked. Sammi smiled at her and flipped up her skirt while she knelt on the bed.

"G-string," Sammi replied, showing Nikki the lacy panty she wore.

"Nice," Nikki told her. "But when I go to school I don't exactly plan on anyone seeing my underwear."

"Not even Mr. Barnes?" Sammi teased her. Nikki blushed furiously and Sammi gave out a great big laugh. She grabbed Nikki's panties and pulled them down her legs. She pushed Nikki's knees apart and started kissing her way toward her pussy.

Nikki lay back and lapped up the pleasure of each kiss that was placed on her legs. They travelled slowly up her soft inner skin and switched back and forth between her legs. Eventually she felt Sammi's lips brush against her labia. She sighed in delight. Sammi's tongue ran over her lips and then slid confidently between them to taste at the goodness that flowed from within. Nikki teased her own nipples, enjoying the added stimulus.

Sammi slipped a finger into Nikki's tight little pusy and soon joined it with a second as her tongue focussed on her clit. She moved her tongue in tiny circles, building Nikki toward her orgasm.

Nikki was loving all the attention when she felt the two fingers slip from her pussy. The attention on her clit continued and she was loving the pleasure. Then she felt Sammi's finger flick across her puckered little anus. She hadn't really had time to process what her friend was doing to her when it stabbed inside her bum.

"Whoa!" Nikki cried out, flinching and pulling "What was that?"

"Just trying something new," Sammi grinned.

"What if I don't want to? You know how I reacted when Ben wanted to fuck me there."

"Oh come one, trust me, I've done it to myself, you'll love it," Sammi told her.

Should Nikki let Sammi finger her bum or not?

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