Thursday, 10 April 2014


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"You know how I feel about resubmisisons Nikki. They come at a cost. Are you willing to pay the price just for the chance to upgrade from an A minus?"

"Yes Sir," Nikki replied, squeezing her thighs together.

"You don't even know what the price is Nikki."

"I don't care Sir, I really want an A."

"I'm not promising an A Nikki, this is just for the chance to have your grade reassessed following a resubmission. You might still get an A minus."

"I understand Mr. Barnes, I really do." Nikki checked out her teacher. She allowed her gaze to linger on his crotch, admiring the evidence that he was looking forward to what came next as much as she was.

"See me in my office after school Nikki. You can attend like you attempted to attend this class."

Nikki left the class almost giddy with excitement. She wondered how far he would make her go this time. She didn't really care too much, she was prepared to go all the way. In fact she wanted him to make her go all the way. She had to blow Sammi off after the last lesson which didn't go down too well, but she was too excited to over think it. She stopped by the toilets and removed her bra so that she would go into his office the same way she'd gone into his class. She knocked quietly on the door to his office and waited for his answer.

"Come in," it came and she turned the handle and stepped inside. Mr. Barnes was seated at his desk grading papers from another class.

"Hi Mr. Barnes," Nikki said, her voice catching slightly with the anticipation of what would come next.

"Good afternoon Nikki," he said, setting his work aside. She stood nervously just inside the door as he cleared the space in front of him on his desk. "Close the door and come around here please."

Nikki shut the door quietly behind her and went around to his side of the desk. He had her perch on  it, her tight little bottom where his work would usually rest. He reached out with his right hand and ran his fingers over her left breast, caressing it through her school blouse.

"You're sure you want to resubmit this Nikki?" he asked, taking the paper that she'd had in her hand and putting it aside.

"Yes Sir," Nikki replied. In response he started to undo the buttons. His fingers moved slowly but deliberately, the release of each button allowing the blouse to part a little more, revealing teasing glimpses of the youthful skin beneath. Nikki found herself melting and holding her breath all at the same time. She wanted to touch herself, to rub her panties against her pussy, but she didn't want to break the spell of the moment.

When the second to last button was released, Mr. Barnes pushed the blouse back over her shoulders, exposing her little breasts with their perky, hard nipples. He took each nipple between thumb and forefinger, using both hands to tweak them at the same time. Nikki sighed pleasurably.

He played with them for what seemed like ages before dropping his hands to her legs. His warm palms rested on her thighs just above the knee. They pushed slightly, spreading her legs. HIs hands slid delicately upward, under her skirt, caressing her smooth skin. Nikki watched them disappear, felt them slide up toward her underwear. They moved outward and around to her buttocks and Mr. Barnes pulled her toward him, shifting her bottom so that she was closer to the edge of the desk. His hands returned to her knees and parted them further.

Nikki watched as her teacher lifted her skirt to peek at her panties. They were cotton. Pink with multi-coloured daisies patterning them. They were also wet. A finger ran tentatively down the crotch of the material. She shuddered, wanting it firmer. Mr. Barnes looked up as she shuddered, concerned that the reaction might have been a negative one.

"That feels so good," Nikki told him, reassuring him that she wanted it. The finger ran over her panties again, more firmly. She knew that he would be able to feel how wet she was. She wanted more, to feel his finger inside her.

Mr. Barnes leaned forward and Nikki realised he was going to suck on her nipple. She thrust her breast toward him, leaning her head back, moaning quietly when his lips closed over it and his tongue flicked against the excited nub. His fingers continued to tease at her panties.

Just when she was really starting to enjoy it, he stopped.

"Right then Nikki, I will have a look at this and see if its worthy of an A."

Nikki wanted to scream. That was it? She hopped off of his desk and thanked him before leaving. His cock was clearly rock hard in his pants, how could he just stop like that. Maybe next time she wouldn't try so hard on her assignment.


"So Nikki there's one last thing I think we need to decide with regard to this revenge thing." Sammi said to her the morning of the party.

"What's that?" Nikki asked.

"How do we bust Ben. Do we do it on the internet or do we just do it live."

"I don't quite follow you," Nikki replied, feeling a little ditzy. Sammi laughed at her.

"Ok, so its like this. We could get Ben to stick his cock in my friend's bum and record it with a phone and post it to the internet or we could just do something like just show people on our phones without giving them copies."

"Oh right, well, I guess once it's on the net its kinda there for good isn't it?" Nikki wondered out loud.


What should they do?

Put it on the internet where it's up forever or just keep it local so that it spreads by word of mouth only?

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