Thursday, 3 April 2014

Finger my bum

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Nikki sighed. Sammi giggled, knowing that she had her. Rather than just jam it back in though, she circled her finger gently around her friend's puckered little hole.

"Ok," Nikki said, giving in to her friend's kinky desire. "Just go easy though."

"Sure thing," Sammi replied. She returned her tongue to Nikki's clit, flicking it back and forth as her finger teased at her anus. She could feel Nikki squirming beneath her and knew that she'd be loving it. After all, Sammi loved having her butt fingered, so why wouldn't Nikki? She centred her finger and pushed gently, feeling her friend's butt-hole slowly open to accept the invading digit. She felt Nikki tense up, her anus tightening.

"Relax," she cooed, reassuring her.

"Easy for you to say," Nikki giggled. Sammi heard Nikki take a couple of deep breaths and she pushed a little harder, her finger penetrating deeper, feeling the resistance of the tight ring of muscle. She licked hard against Nikki's clit and pushed her finger forcefully into the tight ring.

"Oh!" Nikki cried out. Sammi held her finger still and kept licking, giving her friend a chance to adjust to the new sensation. After a few moments she felt Nikki relax again and she started to slip her finger back and forth a little. She knew she had her properly when she felt Nikki arch her back and push against the invasion, her movement forcing the finger a little deeper.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" Sammi asked.

"Uh huh," Nikki replied, moaning as Sammi all but withdrew her finger and drove it in again. Sammi left her pussy alone for a bit, watching her finger as she pushed it deep and pulled it out again and again.

"Lick me Sammi, make me cum, please," Nikki asked quietly. Sammi lapped gently at her pussy, teasing. She pulled her finger almost all the way out of Nikki's butt and lined up a second finger with it. She pushed. Nikki pushed back, gasping as Sammi worked two fingers inside her virgin anus. Sammi drove them inside her and flattened her tongue against her friend's clit.

Nikki squealed. Her breathing came in ragged gasps as Sammi caused her to explode in a leg-shaking orgasm.

"Oh wow," she panted as Sammi eased her fingers from her bum.

"Told you," Sammi grinned, moving off the bed.

"Where are you going?" Nikki asked, surprised that she was being abandoned.

"To wash my hands," Sammi grinned. "Back in a jiffy."

Nikki lay on the bed playing with her little breasts through her blouse, waiting. Sammi came back a couple of minutes later, climbing straight on top and attacking her with a passionate tongue kiss.

"My turn. Make me cum Nikki," Sammi demanded when the kiss broke.

"The same way?" Nikki asked.

"Sort of," Sammi replied. She told Nikki what she wanted. She would assume a doggy position on the bed and she wanted Nikki to put two fingers into her bum and rub her clit with her other hand. "Will you do that for me Nik?"

"Um I guess so," Nikki replied. Sammi squealed and hugged her. She went to her bedside table and pulled out some lube. "Use this."

Nikki took it from her as Sammi assumed her position. Nikki eyed off Sammi's butt, the string of her thong not even completely concealing her anus. Sighing, she pulled the thong off until it was down around Sammi's thighs. She squirted some of the lube, laughing when Sammi flinched and complained that it was cold. Nikki experimentally ran her finger around her friend's tight little hole, rubbing the lube against it. Sammi was sighing appreciatively.

Nikki centred her finger and pushed gently. She gradually applied more force, experimenting with how much it took until her finger really started to penetrate. She could feel Sammi pushing back against the intrusion. When her finger was in to the first knuckle, she pulled it out again and put some lube directly on her finger. She pushed it inside again. She could feel it pushing against a deeper resistance and Sammi moaned loudly when she pushed hard enough to overcome it. Nikki saw her finger disappear to the second knuckle and was surprised at the difference in feeling from fingering Sammi's pussy. Her finger was tightly sheathed in the warm tunnel of her bum.

"More," Sammi said.

Nikki took it for the instruction it was and pushed her finger all the way in. She wiggled it experimentally.

"Don't forget my clit," Sammi cooed. Nikki was glad that Sammi couldn't see the blush that flushed her face. She belatedly moved her other hand so that she could thumb Sammi's clit. She rubbed it gently at first and then more firmly as Sammi insisted she rub it harder. She pulled her finger out and pushed it back into Sammi's bum, sliding it in long strokes, feeling her friend push back every time she penetrated her.

"Use two fingers Nikki, stretch me!" Sammi insisted.

Nikki pulled her finger out and lubed up again. She pushed her middle finger in until her index finger was bumping against Sammi's bum cheek. Then she worked it inside with her middle finger.

"Oh yes, so fucking good!" Sammi cried out as Nikki worked them deeper. Soon she was finger fucking Sammi's butt hole with them both and rubbing her clit with her other hand. It soon brought Sammi to orgasm.

"Thanks Nikki, that was fun," Sammi said a bit later when they'd restored their underwear.

"It was. I wonder if we'll actually spin the bottle at the party though?"

"Well I will if you're in the circle!" Sammi gushed.


Nikki entered Mr. Barnes' class happily. She wanted to see what he gave her for her latest paper. He was mean though and didn't hand them out until right near the end of the lesson. Finally it was placed on her desk. Nikki stared despondently. It was an A-. It was a good grade, but it quite simply wasn't an A.

"Mr. Barnes, can I talk to you about my grade please?" she asked him at the end of the lesson. The rest of the class was dutifully filing out of the room.

"It's an A- Nikki, an excellent grade, there really isn't a need to talk about it," he replied.

"But I really thought I'd done enough for an A," Nikki almost whined.

"Well I disagree." He took the paper from her and flipped through the couple of pages, quickly pointing out the minor deficiencies that had cost her the half a grade.

"Oh," Nikki said. She'd been half hoping that he'd only marked her down to get her back into his office.

"Can I resubmit?" she asked hopefully.


Does Mr. Barnes let her resubmit it?

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