Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rely on Word of Mouth

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"As much of a dick that Ben is, I don't think I want to be responsible for having it out there for ever. Lets just make sure a couple of people see it happen or something," Nikki suggested.

"Probably a good idea," Sammi agreed.

They discussed the mechanics of exactly how they planned to pull it off, giggling excitedly at the thought of getting Ben to slide his cock into another guy's bum.

"You know, it makes me kind of horny thinking about getting to see it," Sammi mused when they were close to finalising the details.

"I'm not surprised, everything makes you horny," Nikki teased her.

"Doesn't it excite you?" Sammi asked.

"Not really, no."

"Oh well, I'll be sure to get you nice and worked up tonight without relying on what we're doing to Ben to be the reason,' Sammi teased. "What time are you coming over to help set up?"

"I'll be there just after lunch," Nikki promised. She grabbed her bag and threw the things she thought she'd need for the evening into it before heading downstairs to help her mother with the cleaning. There was no way she'd get out of the house without doing it, so it was easier to knuckle down and impress her mother at the outset rather than fight about it and end up doing it anyway.

When that was all done, she let her mother know that she'd be staying the night at Sammi's house after the party. Her mother released her from her morning of servitude with plenty of motherly advice and warnings about appropriate behaviour and the consequences of unsafe sex. It was a struggle, but Nikki avoided rolling her eyes and simply nodded and smiled before assuring her mother that she'd do nothing that her mother wouldn't do herself.

As she drove to Sammi's she wondered if her mother would ever actually get up to what she had planned for the evening.

"Nikki!" Sammi exclaimed, leaping out the front door and bounding down the path to meet her friend half way to the door. Nikki was forced to drop her bag as Sammi seized her in an almost crippling bear-hug. She returned it as well as she could and burst out laughing when she was finally released.

"Excited much?" Nikki asked, bending to retrieve her bag from the ground.

"Maybe a little?" Sammi answered. "I mean I have managed to convince my parents to leave me in the house alone knowing that I am having a party, my bestest friend in the whole world is sleeping the night and we're going to get revenge on that dick head Ben. There's a couple of things to be excited about."

Nikki accepted the arm that Sammi slipped within the crook of her elbow and the two of the bounded up to the door as if the path were the yellow brick road. Sammi led her friend upstairs so that Nikki could stash her bag and then they went down stairs to get final instructions from Sammi's Mum.

"Oh God, that's so like what my Mum said to me," Nikki laughed when it was finally over and they had escaped back to Sammi's room.

"Yeah well the good news is, they'er gone and they aren't going to come back until tomorrow night!"

Having said that Sammi jumped on top of Nikki and pushed her down on the bed and kissed her.

"That means we can fuck as much as we want!" Nikki just laughed between Sammi's kisses, happily accepting the assault on her person.

"So what are wearing tonight?" Sammi asked, surprising Nikki. She'd expected Sammi to keep going, to get her naked and fuck her.

"Um my apricot party dress."

"The one that hugs your bum so nicely?"

"Yeah, that one," Nikki answered. Sammi went to Nikki's bag and started rummaging around in it, pulling the dress out triumphantly.

"And what about underwear?"

"Well, just what I've got on," Nikki replied.

"So you'd better show me what it is then," Sammi said with a grin.

Nikki laughed. She thought about protesting, but new that there was no point. She stood up in front of her friend and slid the daisy duke shorts down and pulled her t-shirt off.

Sammi looked at her friend's underwear. Nikki was wearing a white cotton bra and yellow cotton bikini style panties that were decorated with blue butterflies.

"Um what were you thinking?" Sammi asked her friend.


"Did you forget that the plan for the night is to con Ben and then get his dick in another guy? What do you think he's going to think of that underwear?"

"I don't care, he's a pig, he'll just rip it off and not appreciate it anyway."

"Nope, I can't allow that, you're going to have to borrow one of my thongs."


What should Nikki do? Wear one of Sammi's thongs or stand her ground and wear her own underwear.

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