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Find a way to go through with it

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Nikki bit her lip nervously as she waited for Matt to make his way through party crowd. She'd just have to try and find a way to go through with the plan without him knowing. Matt smiled at her when he made it back to where she was standing. Nikki handed him the drink she'd been holding for him. Her stomach flipped about with nerves. She was so excited that things were going so well with him and petrified that if she went through with the plan with Sammi that it would be over before she had a chance to see how well it could go.

After a couple of minutes chatting, Nikki told Matt that it was her turn to go to the bathroom. She hurried away, trying to think. She passed Ben and his cohorts and saw Sammi lurking nearby. Sammi headed her off and quickly pulled her aside.

"Ok, this is it, let's do it," her friend hissed with an eager gleam in her eyes.

"I just need to do something first," Nikki insisted. "Do you think you could lure him up there without me and I meet you there?"

"Good idea," Sammi said, "That might make him less suspicious of your change of heart."

Nikki was relieved. She'd expected Sammi to demand that she be part of it given it was revenge for the way that she had been treated. She went to the bathroom, head spinning. Once she was there, she called Matt on his phone.

"Nikki?" he answered, his voice conveying his surprise at the call.

"I know this is weird, but something has come up and I need to take off to sort it out. I'll be back at the party a little later and I'd love it if you were still there?"

"Um ok, if its not too late I should be here, though to be honest I really only came because of you."

"Really?" Nikki asked, surprised.

"Er, Yeah. I mean, I would have told you to your face ... and I um, really wanted to ask you out, but ..."

"You're asking me out?" Nikki gasped.

"I was going to ... er ... yes, I guess I am?" Matt laughed at the other end of the call.

"This is so weird, but yes, I would love a chance to go on a date with you," Nikki replied.

"Ok, that's awesome, so I'll get to see you later?"

"Most definitely!"

Nikki hung up. She quickly peed and then headed up to Sammi's room where she found Jeremy hanging out, waiting for them to bring Ben to him.

"Hey," she said nervously as she entered.

"Hi Nikki, does this mean we're on?" he asked. He was only wearing a pair of boxers and Nikki couldn't help but admire his beautifully sculpted body. He clearly spent time looking after himself.

"Yeah I think so. Sammi's doing the work of bringing him up here. They chatted for a minute or two and then quickly hushed when they heard Sammi bringing Ben to the room, loudly promising that she was going to rock his world like he'd never experienced before. Jeremy dashed to hide in the closet and Nikki sat on the edge of the bed.

"What the fuck?" Ben asked when he stepped into the room behind Sammi and spied Nikki on the bed.

"Don't worry, Nikki just wanted another chance. She felt that she'd missed out on something last time and asked if I'd help her to get another one. You don't mind taking care of both of us do you?"

Ben looked from one girl to the other and back again. They were both hot and here they were offering him a threesome, the last thing he expected after the last party. He'd been semi-reluctant to come upstairs with Sammi. He'd heard a couple of stories about how hot she was in the sack though and decided that he may as well find out since she seemed to be intent on throwing herself at him. He very briefly wondered if it was some kind of set up, but when Sammi went to Nikki and started full on tongue kissing her, the blood rushed to his smaller head and his feeble football brain gave up.

Sammi grinned as Ben started stripping his clothes off, stopping to watch.

"Keep kissing her, that's fucking hot," he said, loving the sight of the two girls's tongues tangling with each other. He didn't take long to get naked and then advanced on them his rock hard cock spearing toward the sky.

"I think he really likes it Nikki," Sammi giggled, indicating his erection. She reached with her hand and pulled him closer. When he was within comfortable reach, she ran her tongue around the head before sucking him into her mouth, Ben groaned as Sammi treated his cock to a lengthy sucking before stopping and offering it to Nikki.

Nikki hesitated for just a second, remembering how her last encounter with him had finished. That memory firmed her resolve though and she took it in her mouth, thinking instead about how Ben would react when he found his cock buried in a guy's bum.

"You two are wearing way too much," Ben grunted as Nikki sucked him. Sammi stood up and quickly shed her clothes as Ben complimented her repeatedly on her sensational body. She stepped in close and kissed him, rubbing her tits against his bare skin. When he broke the kiss apart, She sank to her knees and grabbed his cock again, freeing Nikki to lose her clothes.

Ben's hands roamed wherever they were allowed, relishing the opportunity to touch the two young girl's delightful flesh, squeezing breasts, pulling nipples, seeking the joy between their legs.

"I want you in my pussy Ben," Sammi purred after a few minutes, sitting back on the bed.

"My pleasure," he purred, moving between them.

"But I want him in me," Nikki complained, quickly moving over the top of her friend so that Ben was left looking at both of their pussies.

"Girls, there's plenty for everyone," Ben offered confidently.

"But I want you first," Sammi said, pushing Nikki off and rolling on top of her.

"Fine by me," Ben said.

"Not by me," Nikki complained, "I want a nice clean cock in my pussy."

"Oh come on, you love my pussy," Sammi teased.

"No way, you've eaten her pussy?!" Ben exclaimed. Nikki just smiled at him.

"I have to see that!" Ben insisted. The girls teased him, play-wrestling with each other, getting their mouths close to each other's pussies without actually licking until he was begging them, promising anything to be able to watch them eat each other out.

"I tell you what, I'll let you watch me eat Nikki's pussy on one condition," Sammi said.

"What is it?" he asked suspiciously.

"That you let us blindfold you when we fuck you."

"A blindfold? Why?" Ben asked.

Sammi lowered her tongue to within millimetres of her friend's pussy. She flicked it back and forth, teasing Ben as he stared.

"Just for fun," Sammi replied.

Ben wasn't sure.


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