Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Fuck her Bum

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"Hell yes I will," ben growled.

"Let me get on my hands and knees, I want it from behind like a dirty little bitch," Sammi panted. She quickly went to the bathroom and opened the door to let Jeremy into the room. Nikki dropped to her knees and sucked Ben's cock briefly to distract him while Jeremy got into position. While he did that, Sammi moved around behind Ben, pressing her body against him and grabbing his arms. He reached behind himself to feel her body. She allowed him to caress her as Jeremy reached behind himself and guided Ben's erection to his butt hole.

Ben thrust forward and went to pull his arms away from Sammi so that he could take control, but she held them tight. Nikki stood beside her and whispered to him that she would be holding his hands so that Sammi could control the penetration. She didn't want him to hurt her.

Ben nodded his understanding even as he felt his cock start to slide into the tight bum in front of him. Jeremy pushed back, grinning over his shoulder. Ben was thrusting back and forth, trying to get deeper with each stroke. He was soon buried to the hilt in Jeremy's butt.

Nikki quickly pulled her clothes on before taking Ben's hands from Sammi, standing where he couldn't reach her and discover that she had clothes on. Sammi quickly grabbed her clothes and pulled them on as Nikki asked Ben to tell her how much he liked fucking Sammi's little bum hole.

"Its so tight its fucking awesome!" he said. Sammi cracked the door to the room open as Nikki had Ben say it louder. She told him how much Sammi loved his dirty talk about fucking her butt.

"Yeah, I love fucking your butt. I'm gonna fill it with cum bitch, I'm going to own your arse," he continued.

"I'm going to let you hands go so that you can plunder it, just make sure you keep telling her how much you like it!" Nikki hissed at him. Sammi was over by the bathroom door. Nikki released Ben's hands and quickly joined her. The bathroom was shared with her brother's with a door at each end. As they quickly fled through the other room, they head Ben continue to announce loudly how mcu he was enjoying himself. They stepped into the hall where a few people were drinking. Ben's exclamations were being heard and a couple of guys were standing by the cracked door, listening.

"I have to see who he's fucking," one of Ben's mates laughed, pushing the door open.

"Oh Fuck Dude!" he screamed as he saw Ben with his cock buried in another guy. "What the fuck are you doing?!"

Ben ripped the blindfold off as Jeremy pulled away and scrambled over the bed.

"You've been fucking a dude!" laughed another of his friends. Word spread like wildfire as Ben erupted.

"I'm going to kill those fucking bitches!" he screamed even as he scrambled about looking for his clothes. "And you're dead faggot!" he directed at Jeremy. Jeremy already had his clothes to hand and just laughed at him, knowing that Nikki and Sammi had thrown his clothes out the window.

"Thanks for the fuck, are you sure you don't want to finish?" Jeremy teased him. Ben launched himself across the bed, his face flushed with fury, but Jeremy was ready for it and quickly stepped aside and ran from the room via the same bathroom exit the girls had used. Ben nearly followed but realised he was missing his clothes. He sputtered angrily as his friends laughed at his misfortune.
"What the fuck dudes? Help me out!" he demanded of them.

"No way, this is too fucking funny," Marcus replied.

"Fuck fuck fuck!" Ben declared. Eventually he gave up on finding his clothes and seized the quilt from Sammi's bed. "Where are those fucking bitches?" he demanded.

"Hey Ben, I think you'll find your clothes on the front lawn. And next time you feel like treating some girl like trash, remember how much fun you were having in that dude's ass. If you come near us again, we'll put it on the internet. Don't bother coming back to the party either!"

The whole party had stilled to see what the commotion was about and Ben was left floundering for a response on the landing at the top of the stairs. He stood for a moment wrapped in Sammi's quilt, trying to work out what to do.


What does Ben do?

Cut his losses and make a run for it.
React violently.

Votes close July 1st at 12pm

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