Thursday, 19 June 2014

Wear the blindfold

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"What the fuck, sure, blind fold me. As long as I get to fuck both of you and watch you eat Nikki's cunt, I think that's a fair deal."

Sammi grinned at Ben and then pushed Nikki down on the bed. She parted her friend's lips with her fingers and slowly ran her tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top. She swirled the tip around Nikki's clit as Nikki tossed her head back on the bed and moaned theatrically.

Ben stood as close as he dared, hard cock in his hand, stroking it in excitement. Sammi took her time licking Nikki, taking her time and enjoying it, knowing that it was giving Nikki more pleasure than anything other than the actual revenge would.

"Careful there, you wouldn't want to go off early," Nikki said teasingly to Ben as she watched him working his hand no his cock. It dropped it like a hot potato, as if guilty about having been busted wanking. Nikki was amazed at the difference in his confidence from when he had fucked her the first time.

"I think it's time you fucked me," Sammi purred at him moments later, standing up again and abandoning Nikki's deliciously wet pussy. Ben moved confidently toward her, ready to take her up on her suggestion, but she halted him with a hand to the chest.

"Blindfold first."

"Oh, right."

Sammi went to her closet and came back with a scarf that she wrapped around his head until she was convinced that he wouldn't be able to see anything. She teased him as she did so, rubbing her tits against his naked skin, brushing against his cock, tugging at it. It kept him completely rigid. Nikki just watched until Sammi was ready. When she was, Nikki hopped off the bed and help to guide Ben between her friend's legs until he was able to rest the head of his cock against her pussy.

"Condom!" Nikki called out, stopping them before he could push inside.

"Damn, we don't need that do we?" Ben asked.

"We sure do," Sammi replied. Nikki pulled one from her purse and ripped it open. She rolled it down Ben's cock and then guided him again to Sammi's waiting pussy. He was buried inside her within seconds and started to fuck her hard and fast.

"Hey slow down cowboy," Sammi laughed, "There's no rush."

Nikki laughed as well as Ben started and slowed the pace of his fucking.

"You'd better make sure I get to do you both," Ben grunted as he kept thrusting.

"Oh we'll be sure of it, won't we Nikki?" Sammi assured him even as Nikki clambered over her and lowered her pussy to her friend's face. Nikki was at least going to take advantage of the opportunity to get off. She groaned as she felt Sammi grab her buttocks with her hand and as her tongue slipped back between her lips. She ground herself against her friend's tongue and purred loudly what was happening, knowing that it would drive Ben wild. The speed of his thrusts increased immediately as Nikki started giving him a commentary so that he could visualise what he couldn't see.

Sammi just kept licking and likely would have continued until Nikki exploded, but she could sense that Ben was getting close to losing control. She gave Nikki the hint and Nikki reluctantly dismounted from her friend's face. She slipped down her body instead so that she could kiss Sammi.

"Nikki's ready for you now Ben, find her pussy and get that cock in it."

Ben started groping blindly about, feeling his way along Sammi's legs until he encountered Nikki's. When he located her pussy he slipped a finger inside before withdrawing and guiding his cock inside her. He groaned as he sank into his second pussy in quick succession. As he had with Sammi, he started to fuck Nikki hard and fast and soon his ragged breathing was giving away the proximity of his orgasm.

"Stop!" Sammi hissed. "I want it in my bum. Will you fuck my dirty little butt hole Ben?" Sammi implored.


Does Ben agree to fuck Sammi's bum?

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