Thursday, 17 July 2014

Don't mention the drama

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"Look how cool this party is, how could we be anything but legends?" Sammi laughed, recognising Nikki's look just in time to avoid spurting out what had happened.

"It's definitely the place to be," Matt said.

"Yep, 'cause we're here," Nikki declared, pulling Sammi into a hug.

"So what have you two been up to?" Sammi asked.

"Oh just chatting and stuff," Nikki replied.

"Stuff? You know how much I like stuff, what's this stuff you've been doing?" Sammi probed.

"Stuff you don't need to know about," Nikki teased.

"Ohhh, did you do more than snog my girl Matt?" Matt looked like a deer caught in headlights, caught unsure which way to turn and what to answer. To Sammi the blush that flooded his face just confirmed her accusation.

"Be nice, he only kissed me," Nikki laughed, pulling Matt close and hugging him.

"Hey as long as he treats you right of course I'll be nice to him. And seeing as you've parked up for the night, I'd better go off and be the charming host."

Nikki dragged Matt away around the corner of the house where they'd be out of sight. Pulling him close again, she tilted her head back and made it very clear that she wanted to be kissed. Matt wasn't silly enough to miss the invitation and brought his lips to hers. They took up where they'd left off, enjoying the intimacy of their kiss.

Sammi moved through the party, disappointed. She wanted to be happy for Nikki, but she was struggling with the fact that she really wanted her for herself. She made a bee-line for the drinks and grabbed a vodka mix, draining it quickly as she wove her way through the crowd, playing the perfect host. She made it as far as a group of girls from the soccer team before finding a reason to hang in one place for a bit. They were dancing with more enthusiasm than talent, mostly because they'd made no effort to hold back on the alcohol.

"Sammi! Great party, come dance with us!" Jenny called, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her into their little circle of crazy. Sammi allowed herself to be taken into the circle and joined in with the crazy dancing. Mostly it was because Jenny was wearing a smoking hot red dress that barely covered her tightly toned butt and it was pretty clear that she wasn't wearing a bra given her visibly aroused nipples. Sammi had heard stories about the soccer girls and the way they partied and was curious as to whether it was true. The way she was feeling, getting caught up in an all-girl orgy was an attractive proposition.

The longer she stayed with them, the more apparent it became that that might be exactly what they had in mind. The party crowd slowly thinned out as the night wore on, but the soccer girls showed no signs of slowing down. The dancing didn't seem to get any more coordinated, but it certainly got dirtier. Sammi found herself entwined with Jenny, grinding sexually to the music. It cut out suddenly and she only then looked around the room. The last guests were just heading out and someone had pulled their phone from the stereo, stopping the music.

"Guess that's our cue to leave,"Jenny said, even though she made no move to release Sammi from her embrace.

Sammi suddenly wondered where Nikki was. She was staying the night after all. She wondered whether she was likely to find her somewhere with Matt. Jenny looked hopefully at her, clearly waiting to be told that she didn't need to leave.


How does Sammi respond ...

Invite the soccer girls to stay

Let them leave and go and find Nikki.

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