Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ask them to stay

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"Well no one said you girls had to go," Sammi said with a grin. "Nikki's busy with a boy around here somewhere, but that's no reason not to have a bit more of a party." She slid her hand up Jenny's side until her thumb was brushing against the underside of the other girl's breast.

"Well I don't have to be anywhere, I can stay," Jenny replied. Her lips parted and closed on Sammi's. Sammi welcomed the kiss, slipping her tongue into the other girl's mouth. It was met enthusiastically by Jenny's and soon the kiss turned passionate as they each attempted to satisfy the desire that their dirty dancing ad stoked.

"What about you Aubrey, you staying?" Jenny asked breathlessly as the kiss broke apart. Sammi turned to see what Aubrey would say. She was a bit taller than both Sammi and Jenny, with long brown hair and petite breasts.

"If I can get some of that action I'm staying," Aubrey replied, coming in close. She reached out with her hand and turned Sammi's face so that she could comfortably kiss her. Sammi found her breasts seized as she kissed the second girl. Jenny was happily fondling her tits while Aubrey attacked her mouth. Sammi loved it.

"Hey don't leave me out of this," Michelle, the last of the soccer girls remaining said. Sammi saw the dark-skinned girl pull Jenny away for a kiss, leaving her with Aubrey who was happy to take advantage of having Sammi all to herself.

"I guess that settles it then," Sammi laughed. "Let me just check that everyone's gone and that Nikki is ok and then we can continue the party in my room." The three soccer girls hollered their approval as Sammi set about quickly running through the house. She soon established that everyone had left and found Nikki in the kitchen with Matt.

"Hey!" Nikki grinned when Sammi found them.

"Hey yourself. I'm just checking that everyone's gone before heading up to bed," Sammi explained.

"Oh cool, so is Matt the last one to leave?"

"Um, no, a couple of the soccer girls are still here. Are you staying Matt?"

"As much as I'd love to, I have to get going," Matt replied.

"Really?" Nikki asked, clearly disappointed. "Because you know I'd love it if you stayed."

"Yeah, I'm sorry, I've got work early in the morning and the 'rents would freak if they didn't find me at home and if I called to tell them now they'd think that something was seriously wrong."

"Oh, ok, I guess that's fair," Nikki conceded.

"But I hope I can see you after work tomorrow?"

"That would be great!"

"Excellent, well in that case, I'll get going and give you a call tomorrow." Nikki walked Matt outside to his car, checking that he hadn't actually had too much to drink before letting him go. Kissing him goodbye took a while and eventually she returned inside reluctantly.

"Come one, we're going up to my room," Sammi called as she came back inside and locked the front door. Nikki took in the sight of the three extra girls and had a pretty good idea what was going to happen once they were upstairs.

"You go on up," she told them, "I'm just going to chill in front of the box for a bit."

"Ok, you know where we'll be if you need anything," Sammi told her. She ran upstairs with the soccer girls close on her heels. Sammi had barely entered her room before Jenny grabbed her and spun her about pushing her into the room. She fell backwards onto her bed and Jenny clambered on top, kissing her aggressively, her knee between Sammi's legs, grinding against her pussy.

"You never did waste any time Jenny," Aubrey laughed, moving onto the bed beside the tangled pair. Michelle joined her and soon they too were kissing enthusiastically."

Sammi was used to being the aggressor in most of her sexual encounters but found it strangely thrilling to have someone else take charge so readily. Jenny tugged and pulled at her clothes, getting them off her as quickly as she could. Sammi was soon reduced to just her underwear, though not for long as it joined the pile on the floor.

"Oh fuck yes!" Sammi cried out when Jenny bent her head to take Sammi's tit in her mouth, sucking forcefully on her nipple.

"Look how sexy these tits are!" Jenny gushed to Michelle and Aubrey. The other two girls took a break from their own disrobing of one another to admire Sammi's assets.

"Let me taste," Michelle said, taking Sammi's nipple between her lips. Aubrey pushed Jenny aside so that she could have the other.

"Hey, I had her first," Jenny complained with a laugh.

"Eat her pussy if you feel like you're missing out," Michelle chuckled. Jenny was already on her way. She spread Sammi's legs apart and ran her fingers over her pussy.

"Mmm, perfectly smooth, just the way a pussy should be," Jenny murmured.  Sammi sighed in response as she felt the other girl's fingers stroking her bald lips. They ran up and down, occasionally dipping between them to tease at the juices that revealed just how aroused she was.

Michelle released the nipple she was playing with long enough to kiss Sammi just as Jenny ran her tongue up her slit. Sammi moaned into Michelle's mouth as Jenny set to work on her pussy. Her tongue delved and dipped, licked and lapped and Sammi squirmed deliciously as Jenny and Aubrey took turns kissing her and sucking on her tits. Jenny was relentless, building Sammi's pleasure rapidly until with an ecstatic cry, she came. Her body shook with the pleasure, Jenny refusing to stop, her mouth clamped hard against Sammi's pussy, her tongue pressuring her clit.

Nikki glanced up the stairs. She'd heard Sammi's cry of pure pleasure and wondered what to do.

Should she go up and join in? Or did she sleep somewhere else and wait until she saw Matt the next day? It wasn't like they were officially dating yet or anything and she was horny after all their kissing earlier in the night.


What does Nikki do?

Go upstairs and join in?
or sleep somewhere else?

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