Thursday, 3 July 2014

Flee the House

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Ben looked ready to explode. A collective breath was held and released when he quietly made his way down the stairs and the ran out the front door. The noise of the party escalated rapidly behind him as people wondered what the hell had happened. As the revelation spread through the party, laughter abounded.

Nikki nervously made her way through the party. So far no one had associated her with what had happened to Ben. She and Sammi had both managed to flee out of sight before being caught up in the incident. She searched for Matt, but couldn't find him. Eventually after grabbing a vodka drink and taking a few moments to let her heart rate slow down, she pulled out her phone and texted him.

'R u still at the party?'

'Yeah, just getting some air out the back,' came the response.

'Awesome, stay there n i'll come 2 u.'

Nikki pushed the back door open and stepped out into the considerably cooler night air.

"Hey, did you manage to take care of everything?" Matt asked her when they spied each other. Nikki quickly closed the distance between them, assuring him that she had. "Excellent, does that mean I get to monopolise you for the rest of the night?"

"Monopolise me? Well, its a distinct possibility. Sounds kind of dirty though."

"How on earth does that sound dirty?" Matt sputtered, clearly not having meant it a anything other than its literal form.

"Don't worry, I'm just being silly," Nikki assured him, giggling at his response and placing her fingers on his forearm. Matt smiled with relief. Nikki didn't move her hand. She was enjoying the contact too much. Matt didn't seem to be in a hurry to move it either.

"So, um, there's something I have to ask," Matt stammered nervously.

"Oh ok," Nikki said, suddenly worried that it would relate to having set Ben up.

"Don't worry it's not bad," she was quickly reassured. "Well at least it shouldn't be." He ploughed ahead, not wanting to give Nikki time to over-think what he'd said so far. "Can I kiss you?"

Nikki almost laughed at the almost pained expression on his face as he waited for her answer. That would have been too cruel though.

"You're not prepared to wait for our date?" Nikki teased.

To Nikki's surprise, Matt answered emphatically in the negative. He stepped in close and put his hands on her hips.

"What I realised in the last hour or so while you were off with your mysterious business was that I really really want to kiss you. Like seriously really want to kiss you. I'm not prepared to wait so I've asked.

Nikki nearly swooned. It was different to the aggression that she'd experienced from Ben. It was confidence, insistence rather than belligerence. She hadn't expected it from Matt at all. Just the fact that he'd asked first was an amazing difference.

"Kiss me," she purred.

Ben bent his head, his lips tentatively meeting hers. Nikki slipped her tongue out to dance across his lips. They parted and his tongue met hers. They entwined. The kiss was hungry without being forceful, needy without being desperate. It wasn't perfect. Their teeth clacked together early in the kiss and neither of them was quite confident of where to put their hands. Nikki desperately wished he'd feel her up and squeeze her little nipples, He didn't though. He was too nice to do that on the first kiss. After a few moments that seemed to pleasurably drag into eternity, they stopped kissing.

Nikki's entire body seemed to have come alive. Her nipples were tight little buds, her stomach was fluttering madly and her pussy seemed to be on fire.

"Wow," Matt said.

"I think you'd better kiss me again."

Matt did exactly that. For the next half hour the two of them stood out the back under Sammi's mum's washing line and just kissed. Their hands roamed over safe zones, touching necks, hair, hips, wrapping around each other's backs, but neither of them quite garnered sufficient courage to move them anywhere more sexual.

"There you are!" Sammi's somewhat drunk voice called out, breaking the melding bond between them. She seemed to ignore the fact that Matt and Nikki were intimately entwined, too eager to share what ever it was that had sent her in search of Nikki to worry about such things.

"Yep, here I am, with Matt," Nikki grinned.

"We are legends!" Sammi declared.

"Er what?" Nikki asked, eyes flashing dangerously in an attempt to warn Sammi to say nothing about what had happened with Ben.


What does Sammi do?

Realise that she shouldn't mention Ben?
Drunkenly reference Ben's humiliation?

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