Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Go for a Better Grade

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"Can I come in Mr. Barnes?" Nikki asked after knocking on her teacher's door that afternoon.

"Yes, please do Nikki. Close the door behind you and come and take a seat." Nikki followed the instructions her teacher gave her and then sat excitedly opposite him, wondering how far things might go this time. "I'm a little concerned Nikki that you might not be putting your full effort into your work."

"Um, ok. I guess I probably could have tried a little harder Mr. Barnes."

"Yes, I too think that you could have. I am concerned that you're coming to rely a little too much on being able to resubmit your work in order to get a grade that you are perfectly capable of achieving the first time around."

"Yes, but, um, I kind of like getting to come here to resubmit," Nikki said in a rush. It was the first time that either of them had referenced what was going on in anyway. She bit her lower lip nervously as she waited to hear how her teacher would respond.

"Nikki it is important that no matter what, you learn to put your best effort forward the first time. I am always happy to review your work with you even if I give you an A."

"Oh, thanks Mr. B. that's an awesome offer."

"So I assume that you want to work on this assignment again and resubmit it?"

Nikki's fingers drifted to the buttons of her blouse, releasing the top two. She watched her teacher as his eyes drifted down to the parting blouse. It encouraged her to keep going, to keep undoing her buttons.

"Are you sure we can't just review it and regrade it now Mr. B.?" She saw him swallow nervously before standing and walking around the desk. He moved close to her and perched on the edge, watching intently. Nikki kept releasing buttons until she was able to shrug it back off of her shoulders. It fell to the floor behind her, leaving her standing before her teacher in just her school skirt and bra.

"I'm sure that we can manage a good enough review for now," Mr. Barnes replied. He reached out and ran a finger over the subtle curve of her small breast, right along the top of her bra cup. Nikki reached behind her and released the bra's clasp. Her nipples were rock hard as she allowed it to fall away. She heard her teacher's breath as he gasped quietly. She watched his crotch as one hand moved to adjust himself. Nikki desperately wanted to see his cock. No, she didn't just want to see it, she re-thought. She wanted to suck it, to feel it slide across her tongue.

Mr. Barnes reached a hand out and cupped her left breast. It was warm and his touch was gentle. Nikki pushed her chest forward, wanting his touch to be firmer. Her nipple was spearing into his palm. Nikki reached with her hand and grabbed his cock through his pants. They quietly moaned together, her in appreciation of the firm size, him in response to the very deliberate act of the school girl before him.

"I know what deserves an A Sir," Nikki said, stepping closer to him.

Mr. Barnes found his heart beating a gazillion beats a minute as he released Nikki's breast and watched as her hands quickly started to work at the fastenings of his pants. He gasped when she fished his erection out of them and stared in amazement as she knelt before him. He was still perched on the edge of his desk as she pulled his cock down and slipped her mouth over it. She had such soft lips and her mouth was warm as it slowly slid down his shaft.

Nikki took her teacher's cock deep into her mouth and then slowly sucked back up to the tip where she played around with her tongue, teasing the head of his cock. She sucked him back into her mouth and worked her mouth up and down, loving the feel of the soft skin gliding over her tongue. She wrapped a hand around the base and pumped it gently as her mouth continued to pleasure him.

Mr. Barnes watched as Nikki sucked his cock happily. He could feel the tension building in his balls as she brought him closer and closer to the brink of orgasm. He could barely believe that it was happening and the excitement was going to drive him over the edge well before he was ready.

"Do you think I'm going to get an A Mr. Barnes?" Nikki asked with a grin, pausing briefly in her efforts.

"I think if you keep going like that you'll get an A and a big surprise,' he grunted.

"Oh goody, I like surprises," Nikki giggled. She pumped his cock energetically with her hand and swirled her tongue around the head. She loved the low groans and grunts that her skills were drawing from her teacher. "Cum for me Mr. B."

Mr. Barnes couldn't have stopped if he'd tried at that point. Hearing her ask for it was too much. She took him deep in her mouth and pumped. He exploded.

Nikki swallowed. She gulped down her teacher's warm load of sticky cum.

"Oh fuck," he said as she stood up and grinned at him, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Do I get an A?"

"God yes," he panted. Nikki grinned at him and picked up her bra, putting it on. Part of her wanted more, but she thought it better not to go too far all at once.

"Nikki, I think that before you go, I need to give you an incentive not to submit standard work. Bend over my desk so that I can punish you appropriately."

Nikki stared at her teacher a little shocked. He was going to spank her? Should she let him?


Should Nikki let her teacher spank her?

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