Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Go Upstairs and Join In

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Nikki was pretty sure that Matt wouldn't see it her way, but then he'd already left and she was horny and frustrated after all the kissing hadn't lead to something more. She was happy that Matt was a good guy and a little shy and she didn't want to scare him off, but that didn't mean she didn't need to have a nice hard orgasm!

She made her way upstairs and quietly stole into Sammi's bedroom. She found Sammi splayed out on the bed in post-orgasmic bliss as she watched the three soccer girls entertaining each other. Michelle was laying beside Sammi and Aubrey was half on, half off the bed with her head between Michelle's legs. Jenny was keeping Michelle's mouth busy.

"Nikki!" Sammi called out gleefully when she saw her friend enter the room. Nikki was surprised when the other girls kept going with only the briefest of glimpses back in her direction.

"Damn, looks like this party really got started," Nikki laughed.

"Hell yes it did," Sammi grinned. "Hurry up and join in." Nikki walked around the side of the bed and bent over to kiss Sammi. Her friend's hands wasted no time in attacking the fastenings of her clothes. Nikki cupped Sammi's ample breast in one had, squeezing and playing as she allowed her friend to start undressing her.

Michelle gave a great cry of pleasure as she came next to Sammi and Nikki paused to watch as Jenny and Aubrey climbed of the bed and started kissing each other. Nikki loved the sight of Michelle's heaving chest and belly. She wanted to suck on one of her dark nipples. She leaned way across Sammi until she lost her balance and fell across her friend's body, almost face planting against Michelle's tit.

"Whoops!" she laughed before quickly taking the breast in her mouth.

"Hey at least let me get you naked properly!" Sammi complained from beneath her friend.

Jenny and Aubrey had turned to watch and quickly came over to pull Nikki back off the bed.

"Let's get her naked," Jenny gushed as the two of them set about exactly that task.

Nikki surrendered herself to the assault and soon had Sammi joining in with her disrobing.

"Mmm I love these sexy little tits," Aubrey enthused as she took one of Nikki's nipples in her mouth. Jenny wasn't about to be left out and sucked hard on the other one. Nikki squirmed between them, feeling Sammi's hands all over her tight butt cheeks.

"Shotgun eating her!" Michelle called from the bed.

"Oh you bitch!" Aubrey said, releasing the nipple she'd been sucking so that she could poke her tongue out at the reclining black girl on the bed.
"Just 'cause you didn't think of it!" Michelle laughed.

"Come on, bring her here where I can get at her," Michelle told the others. Nikki found herself moved to the bed and quickly laid out like a platter as everyone made room for her. Michelle moved between her legs and Nikki sighed happily as she felt her kissing and nipping her way up her thighs. She would have liked to have watched, but the other three girls all decided that they would also enjoy her body, leaving her no view. Sammi and Jenny were enjoying Nikki's nipples, but Aubrey wanted more. She wanted to be eaten and made no secret of the fact.

Nikki gasped as Michelle sucked hard on her clit, but was quickly silenced as Aubrey ground her pussy against her face. She met the wet and willing slit with her tongue, trying to give it as much pleasure as Michelle was inflicting on her clit.

Michelle was persistent and patient. She seemed to be in no hurry to make Nikki cum, instead focussing on heightening her pleasure. She slipped first one and then a second finger into Nikki's pussy as her tongue continued to lap and tease at her clit. Nikki squirmed and writhed beneath the attentions of the four girls, struggling to find any focus in the way that she was licking Aubrey. Aubrey didn't seemed to mind though, she simply kept grinding against Nikki and getting what she could out of the encounter.

With her hips thrusting energetically, Nikki came. She moaned her pleasure into Aubrey's pussy before having to thrust her aside to ensure that she could breath whilst enjoying her orgasm.

Nikki lay on the bed enjoying the relief that came with the release of her pent up frustration. She was kind of aware of Sammi finishing Aubrey off and before long she was again caught up in the heat of the night, but by morning all she could think about was what Matt might say if he ever found out about it. She certainly hoped he wouldn't.

The rest of the night passed in something of a sexual frenzy until eventually the girls all fell asleep, exhausted. Sammi saw them out in the morning promising to come to more soccer games (and parties) than she had previously.

"Well damn, that was an even better party than I expected," Sammi said to Nikki as they enjoyed a cup of tea after finishing the clean-up the next morning.

"It was awesome."

"So you and Matt hey?" Sammi probed.

"Seems like," Nikki replied even as she blushed. "But you can't say anything about Ben. Or the soccer girls!"

"Relax, I wouldn't do that to you."

"You nearly did last night!"

"Yeah, but I was drunk and it was all recent and stuff. You know I've got it all for you sweet one," Sammi assured her friend.

"Thanks Sammi."

"Anything for you Nikki." Nikki couldn't help but think that Sammi really meant the anything part of it. She wasn't about to ask though.


"Hey Mr. Barnes," Nikki said as she entered his class during the following week.

"Hello Nikki, did you need help with something?"

"No, I was just wondering how the grades were going on that last paper we handed up."

"Well you may be pleased to know that I'll be handing them out at the end of the lesson."

"Cool, thanks Mr. Barnes." Nikki went back to her work. When he handed them out at the end of the class, Nikki sighed. It was a B. She knew she hadn't tried as hard as she probably should have, but she'd hoped for at least an A-. She looked over at her teacher. He was still hot.

He'd also made it pretty clear that if she wanted to improve her grade that she should see him in his office after school.

She pressed her thighs together as she remembered what she'd already done for higher grades. Should she do it again? Matt wasn't around and even though she'd agreed to a date, they weren't 'officially dating' at least not until they went out together.


Does Nikki try for a better grade?

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