Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Spank me!

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Nikki grinned before assuming a demeanour she thought more appropriate to a student about to be spanked. She squeezed her thighs together, keenly aware of the state of her panties. Mr. Barnes flipped her skirt up to reveal the black cotton thong she was wearing.

"I'm pretty sure there was some sort of discussion with you girls about appropriate underwear for school," he commented as his hand ran lightly over her butt. His fingers hooked the thong and pulled it up and away from her butt, tight against her pussy before letting it snap back into place. Nikki gave a little squeal of surprise.

A stinging slap landed on her left buttock and her little squeal became a shriek.

"Shh, you can't be that loud," Mr. Barnes admonished her with a second slap, this time to her right cheek. Nikki suppressed the cry that threatened to escape her lips.

"That's better," he praised her, rubbing her stinging buttocks gently. "Now, I want you to remember, this is so that you will NOT SUMBIT CRAP SCHOOLWORK!" He punctuated each of the last four words with hard slaps on her butt cheeks, the crack of each impact resounding through his small office. Nikki worried that someone would be able to hear them, but was too busy focussing on not crying out to say anything.

She felt Mr. Barnes part her butt cheeks, spreading them wide and was unsure quite what to expect. A finger traced over the crotch of her thong.

"You're very wet Nikki." His voice sounded strained, like he was holding himself back.

"Yes Sir," she replied, not quite sure where he was going. His finger ran along her pussy lip to the side of the thong and she groaned. She so wanted to be fucked. His finger teased, moving all over her thong and touching her labia but doing nothing to penetrate her. She could hear her teacher's breathing ... he was clearly excited. She thought about his hard cock in her mouth again. Should she suck him some more?


The sudden slap on her butt caught her by surprise again. She cried out. Which earned her another slap. Another five in all as she found her self-control. Then her skirt was flipped back down.

"Off you go," he said simply. "And remember, no crap schoolwork."

"Yes Sir," Nikki replied, glancing down to see that he was as aroused as he had been when she'd sucked him. "Are you sure I can't help you again?"

"Go," he insisted. It was reluctant though. She could tell that he wanted to say yes. She left his office, horny and frustrated. As she left the school she checked her phone to see a series of messages from Sammi. With a frustrated sigh she texted back to see what she wanted.

"Whats up?" Nikki sent.
"Where r u?"
"Just leaving skool"
'Y so late?"
"Had to c mr b"
"Better grade?"
"Oic. Wanna come over?"
"Sure. c u Soon just gotta text Mum."

Nikki quickly texted her mother to let her know that she was taking a detour on the way home from school and to say that she'd be home in time for dinner. She hurried over to Sammi's house, knowing that she wouldn't have to try very hard to get her friend to give her the relief that she craved.

"Hey Nikki!" Sammi greeted her as she swung the door wide. Nikki stepped into the hug that her friend offered her and for once took the initiative, kissing her and driving her tongue into her mouth.

"Whoa!" Sammi laughed, breaking it quickly and glancing back behind her. "My brother's home you dufus."

"What and you don't think he knows what you get up to? You sun-bathe topless around him but won't kiss me in case he sees?"

"He might, but just in case I'm not about to let him catch me kissing you at the door. Besides, sun bathing is just looking, but " she laughed.

"Oh well, we'd better get up stairs then!" Nikki ran up the stairs ahead of her friend and jumped onto her bed.

"Making yourself at home aren't you?" Sammi laughed as she followed Nikki into the room.

"Of course, now get over here and kiss me." Sammi raised her eyebrows at her friend's suddenly forward manner, but didn't hesitate to do exactly as asked. Soon the two of them were deliciously entangled on Sammi's bed, tongues playing within each other's mouths and hands happily groping each other's bodies.

"Man, you're so fucking wet!" Sammi exclaimed when her hand slipped under Nikki's skirt. "What got you so worked up?"

"I'm just horny," Nikki replied, trying to laugh it off. She pushed Sammi back down on the bed and kissed her again to keep her from asking questions.

"Don't get my wrong Nikki, I love you being this horny and aggressive, but I can't help but wonder what spurred it on. I mean, I half expected you to be off chasing Matt when I texted you and you didn't reply straight away before. Hang on, you said you were with Mr. B.? Did he make you this horny?"

Nikki had no intent of replying, but blushed furiously.

"Oh my fucking God! What did he do to get you so horny?"

"Nuh uh, I'm not telling.

"You know that if you don't tell me that I'm just going to make it up and that's probably far worse than reality!

Nikki knew that was true. She thought about how much she should let her friend know.

"I tell you what, make me cum and I'll tell you."

"Deal" Sammi shouted. She grabbed Nikki's panties and dragged them off from under her school skirt. She pushed her friend back down on the bed and lay between her legs. Her fingers gently stroked Nikki's slick, bald lips, eliciting a pleasured moan.

"Lick me Sammi, I need to feel your tongue on my clit," Nikki begged. She moaned louder when she felt Sammi respond to her demand. She thrust herself at the tingling contact with her clit and told her friend just how she wanted to be licked. She squirmed as the pleasure increased. Her friend was attentive and determined and stoked her pleasure higher and higher.

"Let me roll over," Nikki said with a gasp as her orgasm approached. Sammi slid out the way and Nikki rolled over onto her hands and knees. Sammi quickly moved in behind her, her fingers slipping between the welcoming wet lips. She slid them in and out, Nikki pushing back against her each time she drove them inside.

"Harder," Nikki gasped. "Faster." Sammi responded. Nikki demanded more.

"Hold on," Sammi said, pulling her fingers from her friend's pussy and sucking them quickly. She went to her dressing table and grabbed her hairbrush before returning to her bed. She grabbed the brush by the brush part and quickly worked the handle into Nikki's pussy.

"Oh fuck yes! Use it like the cock I need Sammi, Fuck me hard!" Sammi gripped the brush and started thrusting it roughly in and out of Nikki's pussy, amazed at just how much she was asking for it. Nikki reached back between her legs and started fingering her clit.

With her head down on the bed and hips and butt thrust back in the air, Nikki grunted and moaned, thrusting back in counter-point to Sammi's movements with the brush. A final tweak of her erect clit sent Nikki over the edge and she squealed in pleasure as her body convulsed.

"Fuck that was so good."

"You're welcome," Sammi giggled as she lay beside her friend. "Now you can tell me what happened at school."

Nikki hesitated. Did she lie? How much should she tell Sammi?

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