Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Tell the Truth

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You cant tell anyone Sammi, I mean it. Not a soul.

Of course not, Sammi said, eyes lighting up at the thought of her friend telling her the truth.

Ok, so I sucked off Mr. Barnes.

What? No fucking way!

Yes way and now you know why you cant say anything.

Did he cum?


Fucking hell! And I thought I was the dirty one.

You still are Sammi, Nikki laughed.

Yeah, but you sucked off a teacher!


Well kind of, Sammi laughed.

And he spanked me.

Spanked you?

Yeah, he said that Id been naughty and that I should be punished.

How hard?

Turn over and Ill show you.

Kinky! Sammi laughed. She rolled over though and got on all fours. Nikki flipped up her skirt and pulled her thong down around the tops of her thighs.


Yes, Sammi replied, biting her lip.

On the count of three. One …”


Ow, you bitch! Sammi laughed, crying out at the surprise sting on her butt. Nikki slapped her again and again, harder and quicker than shed been spanked herself. She let her fingers hit her friends pussy lips, loving the squeals and moans that Sammi let out as she was spanked. After she thought shed spanked her enough, Nikki stopped, her hand caressing Sammis glowing buttocks, her fingers teasing at her pussy.

Oh God did he really spank you like that? Sammi asked.

Well, not quite that hard, but I was having too much fun, Nikki laughed. She slid two fingers into Sammis wet pussy. She fucked her slowly, loving the fact that Sammi pushed back against her.

Lick me Nikki, Sammi begged. Nikki pulled her fingers out, spread her friends butt cheeks and ran her tongue over her pussy. She teased and swirled it around, ran it up and down her slit and poked it inside, wiggling. Sammi mewed her pleasure the whole time. After a little while though, she rolled onto her back and cast her thong aside. She spread her legs wide and left Nikki in no doubt as to what was expected.

Nikki happily dove between Sammis legs, taking advantage of the easier access to tongue her pussy properly. As she licked and sucked at her clit, she slipped two fingers into her slick pussy. She slid them in and out as her tongue flicked at and swirled around her clit.
She kept it up as Sammi edged closer and closer to orgasm and then pulled her fingers out. She ran her index finger down around her friends anus and sucked hard on her clit at the same time.

Yes! Do it Nikki, put it in! Sammi cried out, thrusting herself toward the digit.
 Nikki pushed it in. Sammi squealed again. Nikki flattened her tongue on Sammis clit, working it hard, grinding against it. She felt Sammis hands in her hair, pulling her to her pussy as she worked her finger inside her butt. Sammi came hard.

They lay together afterward until Nikki realised that she needed to get home for dinner.

What are you going to do about Matt?

What do you mean?

Well you sucked off Mr. Barnes. What would Matt think?

I dont know just now, Nikki admitted. I mean I shouldnt have even come up with you and the soccer girls I guess, but I was horny as all fuck. The same today, I mean Matt didnt even feel my tits.

But you like him right?

Well yeah, of course.

So what are you going to do?


 What does Nikki tell Sammi?

That shell see how it goes, but shes not cutting out options?

That shes going to try to go exclusive and give Matt a chance

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