Sunday, 12 October 2014

Suck him

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"I tell you what. You get it out and show me and I'll make it as big as it can get," Nikki said, wanting to see if he was really as game as he appeared. Glen grinned at her and pulled at the drawstring of his Speedos. She watched impatiently, even though she was surprised that he was really going to go through with it. She fully expected him to stop at the last minute. He didn't. After pulling the drawstring loose, he pulled the front of his swimmers down, his cock springing free. It was generously sized and standing at attention, reaching for the sky.

"Well, that's quite impressive," she said with a grin.

"I bet you tell all the boys that."

"Only the ones I like," she laughed, dropping to her knees. She reached with her hand and grasped it, loving the feel of the soft skin over the rigid shaft beneath. She stroked her hand up and down, feeling the skin move over it. She pulled the foreskin down, revealing its head. She leaned in and ran her tongue over the slit. Glen moaned. She parted her lips and lowered her mouth over it. She took him deep and slowly sucked her way back up his length. Sliding back down, she hummed, tongue pressed against the underside of his cock so that it vibrated.

Nikki couldn't help but moan around the cock she pleasured with her mouth. She'd been wanting it all day and finally having one was getting her wet. She'd only really done it to see how far that Glen was willing to push things, but now that she had him in her mouth she decided to enjoy it. After all, it wasn't like she hadn't fantasised about her friend's brother.

"Oh fuck," Glen moaned. "I have to admit Nikki, I totally expected you to back out of this. I hoped you wouldn't but I really didn't expect you to actually suck me."

"Do you want to talk about it, or just enjoy it?" Nikki laughed, her hand continuing the pleasure that her mouth had stopped providing.

"Well the thing is Nikki, I'm not sure I want you to keep going."

"What the fuck?" Nikki asked, releasing him and standing up.

"Shit that sounds wrong," Glen quickly said. "What I mean is, I don't want you thinking that I took advantage of you. I really like you Nikki. I mean you're my sister's friend and you've always been hot, but I really like you as well. You're not someone I want to have as just a 'notch on the bedpost' so to speak."


"I like you Nikki. I'd like a chance to actually get to know you better."


"Is that a problem?"

"No, its just ... well ... complicated."

"You have a boyfriend? Why would you ... you know ... this?" he asked, indicating his boner.

"Not a boyfriend so much as a potential boyfriend," Nikki told him. "Its like really new and I don't know where it's going, but it makes the timing of this kind of awkward."

"But why would you even do this?"

"Well that's a much longer story that I definitely won't be sharing with you," Nikki giggled.

"I really should have just shut up, shouldn't I?" Greg laughed.

"Maybe. I mean, if you want me to, I'm more than happy to keep going. I'm not prepared to promise you anything, but I'm happy to finish. I mean, fuck, this is bad. I'm fucking horny. I've wanted some cock all day and ... well I wouldn't be forcing myself or even disappointed if we did a little more?"

Glen stared at his sister's friend. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He'd lost many a load of semen down the drain while thinking about Nikki in the shower. He'd fantasised about asking her out, about her being his girlfriend and a whole lot of other dirty things. The thought that he might get even one chance to be with her excited him. He was torn though. Did he go for the immediate reward or play for the longer term?


What does Glen do?

Play for a longer term relationship?

See where the immediate physical relations go?

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