Wednesday, 29 October 2014

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"And what might a little more be?" Glen asked, his heart beating quickly in anticipation of what might be.

"Well like I said, I've been wanting cock all day. Maybe you could stick that one in my pussy and satisfy my craving."

"If that's what you want I'm sure I could manage to help you out."

Nikki looked around. They were simply standing on the path that lead down the side of Sammi's parent's house. There weren't any windows over-looking where they were, but the gate behind her led directly to the street. If someone were to come down the side of the house ...

"You want it right here?" Glen asked, surprised.

"Well I told Sammi that I was going home, so I can't exactly go back into the house. Why did you have somewhere else in mind?"

"To be honest it wouldn't be the first place that I'd choose to have sex with you, but if its what's on offer, then I won't say no."

"Well it isn't exactly where I would choose to do it either, but I do actually have to get home soon or my mother will freak out, so yes, this is where we are going to fuck.

"How did you want to do it? Do you want me to lie down or ..."

"Nikki glanced at the dirty concrete path. It didn't look particularly comfortable. As Glen watched nervously, she reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She turned to face the gate and put her hands against it, thrusting her butt back toward Glen. "How about you do me like this? she offered.

Glen stepped in behind and flipped Nikki's skirt up to reveal her tidy little butt. He ran his fingers lightly over her skin before squeezing to feel just how firm they were. His cock hardened again as he anticipated slipping between her lips. He spread her cheeks with her hands, and stabbed his cock head against her lips.  Nikki pushed back, moaning happily as she felt him slip inside.

Glen watched the head of his cock disappear and then pulled back. Nikki's inner lips clung to him as he drew back, then disappeared as he pushed further in. He kept working back and forth, loving the way that Nikki pushed back, from the fence. When he had buried his cock completely in her pussy, he started thrusting with long slow strokes.

"Faster. I need it faster. And hard," Nikki gasped. She felt Glen respond and work his cock quicker and harder just like she'd demanded. She felt his balls slapping up against her, his hands gripping her hips. It was exactly what she'd needed.

They stood there in the early evening summer light, fucking frantically down the side of the house. Nikki felt like a dirty slut. She was fucking her best friend's brother. She'd sucked off one of her teachers. She was whoring around and loving it.

"Yes Glen, fuck me, fuck me hard! Stick that big fat fucking cock in my cunt!" She hissed. Grant started slamming into her as hard and fast as he could. Nikki reached between her legs and fingered her clit. She rubbed it hard, barely holding her head from banging against the gate with only one hand supporting her.

Nikki cried out as she came hard. She quickly stifled her cry of pleasure as the noise ricochetted about the close quarters of the side of the house. Glen kept fucking her, giving her no time for respite.

"I'm going to cum, where do you want it," he panted


Where does Nikki want his cum?

In her mouth? - 7 Votes
On her butt? - 2 Votes
On her tits? - 4 Votes
On her uniform? - 1 Vote

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