Sunday, 9 November 2014

In Her Mouth

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"In my mouth," she panted. Glen pulled his cock from her pussy and Nikki spun and squatted down in front of him. She grabbed hold of the base of his cock and took the head into her mouth. She sucked it clean of her juices as she pumped him with her hand.

Glen stared in wonder as Nikki sucked him, his balls tensing as they prepared to unleash their load. He gave Nikki a further warning that he was cumming and then epxloded deep in her mouth.

Nikki swallowed as she felt the warm salty rush of Glen's cum flood her mouth. She continued to pump him, holding the head in her mouth as he emptied his balls.

"Fuck that was good," Glen said as Nikki stood up and pulled herself together.

"Just what I needed," she replied with a grin.

"I hope we can do it again soon?"

"I'd at least need a kiss first," Nikki teased him, wondering whether he'd go through with it or not.

"Hmm, I dunno," he replied, imaging the taste of his cum on her tongue.

"Oh come on, Sammi would!"


"Your sister. Sammi. She'd kiss my cummy mouth." Nikki enjoyed the shocked reaction.

"You've kissed her?"

"Maybe," Nikki laughed. "Anyway, you've missed your chance at a kiss now. See you some other time."

"For more fun?"

"Who knows, I might not be horny next time." Nikki strolled through the gate and waved goodbye, headed for home.


"Hi Nikki," Matt said, coming up to her in the corridor between lessons.

"Matt!" she greeted him enthusiastically. She pulled him into a hug, laughing when he flushed red with embarrassment and looked around the hall to see who was looking.

"Um, I was wondering whether you were doing anything Friday night."

"I don't think so," she replied eagerly.

"Awesome. Um, would you like to go and see a movie with me?"

"I'd love to."

Matt grinned at her with what could only be interpreted as a mixture of relief and excitement. Nikki leaned into him, wanting to be close. He clearly wasn't quite comfortable with even that little public display of affection. She stepped back a bit so that he'd be comfortable and they chatted about small things until the bell for the next lesson drove them in different directions.

Nikki walked into Science happy, pleased that Matt had had the courage to ask her out. She was looking forward to being alone in a dark cinema with Matt. Hopefully he'd have the courage to try and move things along a little more between them.

"Good morning Nikki," Mr. Barnes greeted her as she took her seat.

"Good morning Mr. Barnes," she replied, smiling up at him.

"No crap schoolwork today, ok Nikki?"

"Yes, Sir," Nikki answered, emphasising the sir.

"Excellent, because you know good work has its rewards."

"I certainly hope so Sir." She sat up straight in her chair, suddenly excited by the flirtatious welcome to the classroom. She looked around to see if anyone else had picked up on it, but they were all oblivious. Matt momentarily forgotten, she wondered what fun she might be able to have during the lesson.

Half way through class, she decided to enact the plan she'd come up with. As Mr. Barnes taught at the front of the class, she gently pulled her already short school skirt up her legs. She slipped a hand between them and moved her panties aside to expose her pussy. Glancing about nervously to ensure she wasn't being watched, she slipped her pen into her pussy. She wiggled around a little until she had it deep enough to clamp her thighs together and keep it there. When Mr. Barnes had finished assigning their next task she thrust her hand up to get him to come to see her. When he was nearly at her desk she nudged her other pen from the front of the desk so that it fell to the floor.

Mr. Barnes automatically bent to retrieve it. Nikki spread her legs wide, hoping that he would look. He did. He couldn't resist the temptation. Nikki felt the pen slide from within her pussy and fall to the floor. He heard her teacher gasp. He'd clearly seen exactly what had happened. When he stood up again he passed both pens to her.

Nikki would have sucked the one that had been in her pussy if it hadn't fallen to the floor. She thanked Mr. Barnes and asked him a simple question about the task that they'd just been assigned.

"Come on Nikki, you clearly weren't paying attention if you have to ask that," he said to her.

"Sorry Sir."

"Indeed," he replied with a sigh. She could tell that he didn't mean it though and enjoyed the fact that he was clearly at half-mast within his pants as he answered her question.

"Can I get some guidance on this after-school please Sir? I really want to make sure I turn in excellent work."

"Sure, I have bus stop duty at the end of the day though, so you'd need to wait until after that. Does that work for you?"

"Yes Sir," she replied, wondering if anyone was picking up on her suddenly calling their teacher sir. "Thanks Mr. B." she added, hoping to avoid anyone picking up on it.


Nikki waited outside Mr. Barnes' office for him to finish with the bus duty. She wondered how long he would be. She wondered whether today would be the day she fucked him. She kind of hoped he would. She thought about what she might be able to do to encourage it. She tried the door handle and found that his office was unlocked.

She thought about sneaking in and waiting inside. How would he react if he found her naked in his office? Or even just in her underwear?


What does Nikki decide?

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