Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wait Naked

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Nikki quietly opened the door to her teacher's office. She glanced back and forth down the hallway to make sure that no-one was looking and then slipped inside. She closed the door, holding the handle and easing it back to its usual position, trying to avoid the slightest click. She dumped her bag just behind the door so that it wouldn't open too quickly or too easily and went around the desk to sit in Mr. Barnes' chair.

"Dressed, naked or underwear?,"  she thought to herself. She pulled her skirt up so that she could rub her pussy, already feeling horny just from thinking about what she was going to do. She unbuttoned her blouse so that it hung open. If he walked in he'd see her bra. Then she decided that it wasn't daring enough. She unhooked her bra and slipped it off and then put the blouse back on so that it was open, but revealing her breasts. She sat that way for a while, wondering how her teacher would react. She scanned the items on the desk and saw a sleek silver pen. Grinning to herself, she decided to slip her panties off too.

The pen slid effortlessly into her pussy. She pushed it in and pulled it out, sliding it back and forth. She felt so naughty. A noise outside the classroom startled her and she stopped, completely motionless, heart pounding. A head passed the office door and she quickly pulled her blouse closed. She waited. After what seemed like an eternity she began to breathe normally again. She wondered whether this was such a good idea.

She wondered whether she could go through with it. She looked around the office, wondering. She noted which way the door opened and had an idea. She stood up and slid the office chair around the desk and positioned it in the corner so that she would be hidden by the door when it opened.

Happy that she'd found a way to do this, she took her blouse off and hung it over the arm of the chair within easy reach. Then she did the same with her skirt so that she was completely naked. She draped a leg over one arm of the chair and started masturbating while waiting for Mr. Barnes to return.

Footsteps approached outside the door and slowed. Nikki hoped like hell that it was Mr. Barnes. She glanced at her watch. It was about the right time. The door handle turned and the door opened. Nikki watched her bag slide across the carpet, providing no resistance at all. Mr. Barnes stepped into his office, glancing around, puzzled by the bag behind the door. When he looked behind it and saw Nikki, his mouth dropped open in shock.

"Hey Mr. B." she said, grinning at him as she slowly slid his pen in and out of her pussy.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked as he recovered from the shock.

"I'm horny," Nikki said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You can't be doing this Nikki," he said, even as his eyes roamed over her body, taking in every detail right down to the wet patch on his office chair. "If anyone saw you ... I'd lose my job Nikki and you'd be expelled."

Nikki stood up and moved in front of her teacher. Her hand snaked out and grabbed his cock. She looked up at him.

"Please Mr. B. I want you to fuck me. I want you to put me over your desk and fuck my horny little pussy."


What Does Mr. Barnes do?
Say no: 5%
Say no, but arrange to fuck her somewhere away from school: 17%
Fuck her over the desk like she wants: 78%

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