Monday, 1 December 2014

Bend her over the desk

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Mr. Barnes looked back and forth between the door and the young girl begging to be fucked. She kept sliding his pen in and out of her tight little pussy. He knew he wanted to do it. There was no doubt. The question was whether he was prepared to put everything at risk for the experience.

"Pleassseeeee Mr. B. Pleaaasse fuck me," Nikki purred, pushing the pen as deep as she could. "I need your hard cock so bad."

Mr. Barnes stepped back to the door and turned the lock. The frosted glass panel would prevent prying eyes and there wasn't usually any other staff left at that time of day.

Nikki's breath caught as she heard the solid click of the lock. She grinned, knowing that she was going to get her way. She watched Mr. Barnes turn back toward her, loving the sight of his hard cock tenting his trousers. She couldn't wait to feel it slide between her lips. She sat with one leg draped over the arm of the chair, his pen still lodged deep. Mr Barnes knelt before her. He moved her hand from the pen and held it between thumb and index finger.

Nikki sighed as he pulled it from her pussy, but just as it was about to slide free he pushed it back in again. Apparently he enjoyed it because for a few moments that was all he did; push it in and slide it out. Nikki was about to remind him what she really wanted when he pulled it completely clear of her pussy. He held it out to her, offering it. Nikki smiled and opened her mouth, sucking eagerly at it when he slipped it inside. The pen was placed aside and her still-dressed teacher leant down between her legs and ran his tongue purposefully up her slit.

"Oh yes!" Nikki hissed, wanting to pull his head into her crotch. Mr. Barnes took his time, enjoying the deliciously bald young pussy, slipping his tongue deep and then sliding it up and around her clit. His hands roamed over her body, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her breast or buttock. He kept going until Nikki was squirming in the seat, moaning and mewling in pleasure.

Nikki groaned when the pleasure suddenly stopped. She opened her eyes to see Mr. Barnes had stood. He held out his hand to her and then pulled her to her feet when she took it. She was surprised at the strength of the tug that lifted her  from the ground momentarily as she rose to her feet. She found herself wrapped in his arms and turned to face away from him. He marched her quickly around his desk, enjoying the occasional bump against his rock hard erection.

Mr. Barnes pushed her forward, bending her over his desk and Nikki thrust her hands out to steady herself. She looked back at the sound of him undoing his belt, wanting to see just how hard she'd made him.

"I want that in me so bad Mr. B." she purred when his slacks fell to the floor and his cock was left spearing toward the sky.

He was standing with his belt in one hand.

"You know that you're a very bad little girl, don't you Nikki?"

"Yes Sir," she replied.

He swung the belt absent-mindedly as he rubbed the head of his cock across her bum.  Nikki wiggled against it, wanting it between her legs, desperate to feel her teacher penetrate her sopping wet pussy.

"Please fuck me Sir," she begged, pushing back.

Mr. Barnes stared at the tight little bum being thrust back against him. He pushed the head of his cock down between her buttocks and felt it slip along her wet slit. Nikki reached back with one hand to pull her left cheek wide, steadying herself on the desk with her right. Mr. Barnes held his cock with his left hand and guided it between her lips, thrusting lustily.

"Fuck yes!" Nikki whimpered as she felt her teacher's cock finally slip inside her pussy. He thrust hard and fast as if finally entering her breached a dam of desire. He discarded the belt and seized her hips, fucking her furiously, the sound of their bodies slapping together loud in the small office.

Nikki held to the desk tightly as she was fucked hard. She was in heaven. She wanted it to go on and on as she felt the pleasure continue to build and push her toward orgasm. She'd asked to be fucked over his desk and she was getting the good hard fucking she'd hoped for.

Then it stopped.

She gasped and moaned, turning to see what was wrong. Mr. Barnes had stepped back and was looking at her with an odd expression.

"Don't stop Mr. B!" she insisted. "I want you to cum!" She stood up and stepped close to him when it appeared that he was going to back out. She grabbed his cock with her hand and dropped to her knees, quickly sucking him deep into her mouth.

Mr. Barnes watched, amazed at how eagerly Nikki was sucking her pussy juices from him.

"Does it matter?" he thought to himself. "Does stopping now really make any difference?" With an almost anguished grunt he pulled Nikki to her feet, removing his cock from her mouth. She looked about to protest again.

Nikki felt Mr. Barnes' hands on her waist. She was quickly lifted into the air and deposited back on his desk. He pulled her toward him, her bare butt dragging paperwork with it. She found herself stuffed with his cock again as he spread her legs wide and leaned into her, now facing her as he fucked her. She hooked her legs around his back, hands thrust back behind to steady herself, watching the lust on his face as he rammed his cock into her over and over again.

Mr. Barnes stared down at the perfection of the young body as he felt himself approach orgasm. He wasn't sure where to cum, but decided that having no idea if she was using birth control, to pull out. He felt his seed rising within him and pulled his cock from her, stroking it several times before grunting as he exploded.

Nikki watched the cum fly from her teacher's cock to spray over her body. She saw and felt the warm seed land on her breasts and belly, grinning happily.

"Thanks Mr. B., that was awesome!," Nikki said, running a finger through the cum decorating her body.

"You are a very bad young lady," he replied, bending to pick up his belt.

"Well not even much of a lady really," she giggled as she scooped some cum into her mouth and sucked her finger dry.

Mr. Barnes held the belt thoughtfully, wondering if he should try something. How would Nikki react to getting punished?


Does Mr. Barnes threaten punishment?

Yes, he wants to spank that perfect little bum
No, he lets her go

Vote closes Dec 7th

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