Sunday, 21 December 2014

Under the skirt

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As the movie continued to play it became clear to Nikki that Matt wasn't going to be the one to make a big move. She gently placed her hand on his and squeezed gently. She felt him squeeze her thigh in response. She gently moved his hand so that it slid up her thigh. When he touched her skirt and went to stop, she took it higher. She could feel the tension in his hand as she slid it far enough up her skirt for his fingers to brush against her underwear. She lifted her hand and left his there, spreading her legs and hiking her skirt up to give him some access.

At first there seemed to be no response and she was worried that she'd freaked him out to much, but then she heard a sigh and felt his fingers stroking the crotch of her panties. She thrust forward just slightly to increase the pressure.

That was all that happened for a little while. His fingers simply ran up and down the crotch of her panties. There was no attempt to enter them or pull them aside, just a gentle rubbing. It was still enough to get Nikki wet. She put a hand on his thigh, trying to encourage him. She would squeeze him and rub him when his fingers pushed harder, or found a spot that felt good. Then she worried that he might misinterpret and think that a squeeze meant he was going too far and that he should stop. She leaned into him and dropped her hand into his lap, finding his stiff cock trapped within his pants.

Mat flinched when she made contact, but she was happy to find that he didn't stop. She ran her fingers lightly up and down his length and then grabbed and squeezed. He moaned then looked hurriedly around the cinema, clearly worried that his utterance might get them busted. Nikki enjoyed the rapid swelling she felt as she continued to tease his cock. She wanted to feel the soft flesh in her hand, but didn't want to scare him off either. She thought that he should be the one to push the boundaries and hoped that her not-so-subtle intervention might have given him the idea that she was ok with him pushing.

Apparently he didn't get it though. She felt his hand withdraw from under her skirt and sighed. He turned towards her and kissed her. That was something at least. She'd been worried that he was about to start watching the movie again. Nikki kept playing with his cock as they kissed, squeezing and rubbing.

Matt's tongue explored her mouth and swirled against her own. Nikki bit gently at it, grazing it with her teeth when he pulled it back from her mouth. She trapped his bottom lip in her teeth, nibbling gently before kissing him again. Her heart fluttered when she felt his hand tentatively stroke her breast, the palm of his hand grazing against her nipple. It was already tight with anticipation and she found herself pushing her chest out against his hand. His fingers closed over her small breast more firmly and squeezed. Nikki moaned quietly into their kiss and squeezed his cock harder. Matt continued to play with her tit through her top. Nikki could feel the heat of his hand through her top but wanted to feel his flesh directly against hers. She put her hand over his and felt him tense. Clearly he thought she was going to stop him. Rather than do that though, she moved his hand to her abdomen, just below her top, then lifted the band of elastic and slid his hand up underneath.

Matt touched her gently, exploring. Nikki kept kissing and stroking him as he found his way, experimenting with her boundaries slowly.

Nikki couldn't help but wonder at the difference between the various men that she'd been with, some confident, some brash, some too eager. Matt was different. At times it was frustratingly so, but it was also sweet. She just hoped that he'd get horny enough to push things at a quicker pace.

Movement nearby startled Matt and his hand was quickly withdrawn from Nikki's top. She sighed, frustrated. Turning back to the movie, she wondered what she might do to push things a bit quicker, but to still leave Matt feeling like he wasn't being driven too far too fast.

With a flash of inspiration, she wiggled about in her seat until she was able to work her thong off. Matt was clearly curious about what she was moving so much for, but Nikki gave nothing away.

"You ok?" he whispered.

"Yeah," she whispered back, squeezing his hand to confirm her response. When he'd settled back to watching the movie again, she shoved her balled-up thong into his pocket. He gave her a quick, quizzical look, but she just smiled and returned her attention to the screen.

Nikki sat there, wondering what to do next. She played with his cock a bit and Matt's hand went back to her thigh but no under her skirt. She was getting too horny not to do something more. She debated what to do in her head, not even bothering to try and track the film as it played out before them.


What does Nikki do?

Push Matt's hand back up her skirt?
Free his cock so that she can stroke it?

Vote closes Dec 31st

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