Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Push Hand Under

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Clearly Matt wasn't going to be the one to make a move. She took his hand and slid it back under her skirt, slipping her butt forward on the seat at the same time. His fingers felt around a little then stilled quickly as he apparently realised what he was feeling.

Nikki grinned at the surprised look on his face in the dim light of the cinema. She sighed as she felt his fingers glide over her bald pussy lips. She spread her knees wide to encourage him, knowing that he was finding out how wet and excited she was. His finger slipped between her lips, running up and down her slick wet slit, teasing rather than penetrating.

That was all he did.

Nikki nearly screamed in frustration. Clearly Matt was very new to this but Nikki was so horny that she needed more from him. She put her hand on his and guided him. She curled her fingers with his so that one slipped into her pussy. Her other hand covered his cock, pleased to find that it was totally hard. At least she knew he was turned on! After allowing him to explore a little with his finger, mostly just sliding it in and out of her pussy, she guided his wet finger to her clit. She held it there, helping him to move it just the way she liked it. She leaned into him, sighing happily as he took over, continuing the movements she had started him with.

Nikki rubbed his cock hard. She wished she could suck it, but if she tried that he'd have to stop fingering her and she wasn't ready for that. She wanted to cum.

Matt's finger persisted, rubbing and teasing her little nub as she buried her face in his t-shirt to keep from crying out. The pleasure became intense as she approached her orgasm and she gripped his cock hard, willing him to continue. She wasn't disappointed. Matt's finger stirred her until she had to put her bite down on her fist to keep quiet. She shuddered in her seat and clamped her thighs tight on Matt's hand.

"Did you just ... cum?" he whispered to her moments later when she had relaxed enough to allow him to take his hand from between her thighs.

"Uh huh," she sighed pleasurably.

"Wow. Holy crap."

Nikki took his hand and brought his fingers to her lips, kissing and sucking them gently, watching the startled expression on his face as she did so.

"I want to suck you," she whispered in his ear, "Right here in the cinema, I want to give you a head job."

"Here? No way!" Matt hissed in response.

"Oh come on, please?" She begged, scarcely believing that any boy could say no to such an offer.


Does Matt let her blow him in the Cinema?


Vote closes Feb 17th

Yes = 67%
No = 33%

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