Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Let her suck

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Nikki studied Matt's face in the flickering light of the cinema.

"Ok," he whispered. She thought he look worried, but was too excited to think on it overly. Glancing around to be sure that no one was paying them any attention, she attacked his shorts and extricated his erect cock. She thought about kneeling down in front of his seat, but decided that that might draw too much attention to them. Instead she leaned over his lap, hand wrapped around the base of his cock and took him in her mouth. She heard a stifled moan as her lips slid down over the crown of his cock. She swirled her tongue around the head and then slid her lips down as far as she could go, holding him there for a long pause, her tongue teasing, fluttering against his shaft.

She felt Matt slide his butt forward, giving her better access. Nikki took her time and gave him a leisurely suck. She enjoyed the feel of his cock in her mouth. She was in no rush and her mouth moved smoothly up and down. Her hand grasped his shaft firmly and she stroked him with firm, short movements. She loved that she could hear Matt stifling his pleasured moans. She increased the pace of her mouth, bobbing up and down quicker until she felt Matt's hand on her head, stopping her. She released him and looked up.

"What's wrong?" she whispered.

"Too good, you were going to make me cum," he replied.

"That's the whole point of it," Nikki giggled.

"I can't though, not here, not ... with everyone around us."

"Seems like you were going to be plenty capable to me," Nikki replied, stroking her hand up and down his cock.

"No, I ... I just can't."

"Oh come on Matt, live a little, do it for me?" She quickly leaned over and sucked him again, before he had a chance to protest. She relied on the fact that he wouldn't want to make too much of a scene. "Please?" she asked, pausing.


Nikki grinned, pleased that he agreed. She returned to pleasuring his cock, concentrating this time on making him cum, not wanting to draw it out and give him too much time to rethink his decision.

Minutes later Matt's hips bucked in his seat. Nikki felt his hands on her head again, though this time rather than stopping her they held her down on his cock. She felt the gush of his seed into her mouth and swallowed. Pulse after pulse of cum ejected into her mouth and she swallowed time and again to ensure that none escaped. When he'd stopped, she sucked him one last time and made him flinch in his seat.

"You're a fucking nut," Matt laughed at her as he drove her home.

"Yeah, well tell me that wasn't the best trip to the cinema you've ever had," Nikki challenged him.

"Maybe, but I have no idea what happened in that movie."

"We can always go see it again," Nikki giggled.

"Only if there's lots of people there so that I get to see it," he joked.

They drove on and chatted about random stuff until Matt pulled up in front of Nikki's house.

"See you tomorrow?" Nikki asked hopefully.

"Its a promise," Matt replied, leaning across to kiss her.

"You've got two more dates until you have to meet my Mum," Nikki informed him as she left him in the car and turned to walk up the path, laughing at the startled expression on his face.


"So, tell me what happened with Matt?" Sammi begged Nikki on the phone the following morning.

"No, its private!"

"Don't start that crap with me, Nikki, I tell you everything," Sammi chided her.

"Well, its new and stuff, I don't want to share."

"If you don't tell me, I'm going to come over there and torture you until you do," Sammi threatened.

"You wouldn't dare."

"Try me!"


Does Nikki tell Sammi about her date, or call her bluff?

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