Thursday, 17 October 2013

Kiss Sammi

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As the boys hooted and hollered, Sammi moved around James to kneel before Nikki. 

Nikki looked into Sammi’s eyes, trying to read what to expect within them, but all she could see was the glittering sparkle of her friend’s gorgeous blue eyes. She glanced down to her lips and saw her tongue dart out and moisten them. She remained focussed on them as Sammi bent her head down to kiss her.

First their lips touched, gently and tentatively, then Sammi’s tongue slipped into Nikki’s mouth. Nikki was surprised to find just how arousing she found it and her own tongue almost of its own volition sought Sammi’s and spun circles around it. 

Sammi’s lips were soft and her touch tender and it was only when Nikki heard one of the boys say, “That is so fucken hot!” that she thought to break it apart and pulled back from Sammi. Their eyes met again and Sammi’s face split with a smile. 

The two girls turned back to the game, and James, to the left of Nikki took his turn to spin the bottle. 

“Let’s go Nikki,” Sammi said. “We should get out of here, I need to talk to you.” Nikki took another drink from her bottle. She knew that she was well pissed now and was excited by the prospect of playing more of the game, but she was surprised by the urgency in Sammi’s voice.

Nikki and Sammi stood up and took their leave from the game, much to the disappointment of the guys that were left behind. As they left, Sammi said to James, “Now that there’s more boys, maybe if you spin one of them you can entertain the ladies?”

All the boys loudly rejected the suggestion and the girls laughed it up saying that they did indeed want to see two boys kiss each other.

As they left the room, Sammi took Nikki by the hand and led her down the hall and into an empty bedroom, shutting the door behind her. 

“What’s up Sammi?” Nikki asked as she fumbled about for the light switch. Sammi didn’t say anything, she just pushed Nikki up against the wall and kissed her, thrusting her lips against Nikki’s and probing deep into her mouth with her tongue. 

Nikki was stunned at first, but quickly began returning the kiss. It was hot and it was turning her on. She kept kissing Sammi while she tried to rationalise what was going on in her head, but she was too drunk to clearly think straight. Several minutes later, Sammi stopped kissing her friend and stepped back, breathing rather heavily. She had a hand on each of Nikki’s hips and remained standing close to her.

“Does that turn you on Nikki?” Sammi asked quietly. “Do you like me kissing you?”

“Uh huh,” Nikki replied a little nervously. “But where did that come from Sammi?”

“Fuck Nikki, I’ve wanted to kiss you for like forever,” Sammi said, “but I’ve never been brave enough to ask. I was afraid that you’d think I was some lesbo freak and want nothing to do with me.” As Sammi spoke she lifted a hand to Nikki’s face, running the back of her fingers across her friend’s cheek, then down along her neck. “But when you spun the bottle to me, I thought wow, this might actually be the day that I get to … but that one kiss wasn’t enough, I needed another one but I needed to talk to you.”

Nikki was very aware of the touch of her friend’s hand as it ran across her skin. She was especially aware that it hadn’t stopped slowly moving down her body. Sammi was now tracing her fingers along the neck line of her dress. If she went any further she’d be copping a feel of her breasts!

“But what about all the boys you date Sammi? Is that just a cover up? Are you really gay?” Nikki asked, her head swimming somewhat with the confusion that the admission had created. 

“Oh I like boys Nikki, don’t worry about that, but you turn me on in a way that I find hard to describe.” And as she said it, her hand moved down and caressed Nikki’s firm breast, cupping it and gently applying a slight squeeze. Nikki’s breath caught in her throat. Sammi was feeling her tit! She didn’t know what to do. Should she let her keep going or did she stop it?


Should Nikki see how it goes and let Sammi continue or stop her and take some time to think about it?

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  1. She should keep going and see how far she will go