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Nikki decided to hold firm and told Sammi to back off and let her get the work done. Sammi shrugged her shoulders and left Nikki to it.

"Come and find me when you're done, I'm going to explore this library," Sammi told her, leaving her to her studies.

About an hour later, Nikki decided that she needed to stretch her legs and wandered off through the aisles of books. It was only supposed to be a short break, but just as she was about to turn back to her books, a movement caught her eye. She wandered quietly down to the end of the aisle and peered around the corner. A flash of pink had piqued Nikki's interest. Sure enough Sammi had just wandered by. Nikki gaped as she watched her friend disappear. She had clearly rolled the waist band of her skirt up as Nikki could see the curve of her butt cheeks below the hem. It looked like she wasn't even wearing panties!

A guy emerged from the bookshelves across from the aisle that Sammi was walking down and stopped in front of her. Nikki ducked back between the shelves to spy, feeling just a little guilty. Not guilty enough to stop mind you. She watched as the guy put his arm up to rest on the book shelf behind Sammi, who was twirling her hair with one finger and licking her lips.

The guy said something and Sammi gave a little titter of laughter and put her hand on his forearm. Nikki knew that Sammi was an outrageous flirt (and maybe even a little slutty to be honest) but she was still surprised when the guy bent his head down and kissed her. Sammi responded willingly and when the kiss ended moments later, took the guy by the hand and lead him deeper between the books. Nikki very quietly followed.

Her heart was racing as she found a spot in the next aisle to catch a glimpse of what was going on. She nearly gave herself away but suppressed a gasp when she realised that Sammi was squatting down in front of him and sucking his cock. How the hell had she managed to let things go that far that fast?

The guy was obviously enjoying himself given the noises he was making. Nikki wasn't sure whether to stay or not but in the end left. She snuck back down the aisle and was about to head back to her books when she decided to be a little naughty. She sauntered slowly past the row that Sammi was in, knowing that she would have her back to Nikki.

The guy wasn't looking, too focused on the oral attention that he was receiving, so Nikki walked slowly back the other way again, kicking the shelf just hard enough to make the slightest sound. That made the guy look up and Nikki had to fight back a laugh at the look on his suddenly beet red face. She hurried back to her books to finish off, wondering whether she'd be able to after that distraction.

With the library due to close, Nikki finally shut her books, satisfied that for once, she'd made a darned good attempt at finishing something despite the distraction. Her mother would be proud. She finished putting her books away and decided that it was time to see what further trouble Sammi might have gotten into.

After some searching through the communal areas of the library (she knew better than to look for her amongst the actual books a second time) she finally found her friend. Sammi was sitting at a table talking to Matt. Nikki paused as she approached the table and noted the way that Sammi was curling her hair about her finger and looking demurely toward the table, giggling at something Matt had said.

Jealousy pulled at Nikki's heart like a stretched bowstring. If it wasn't for Nikki, Sammi wouldn't have even known that Matt existed. How dare she flirt with him. Fuck, she'd already blown some other random guy! Nikki wasn't the sort to cause a scene though and so coughed politely as she approached. Sammi grinned at her and Matt blushed.

"Time to go Sammi," Nikki said, biting her tongue and trying to avoid something more caustic.

"Hi Nikki," Matt said, smiling at her, his greeting enthusiastic. Nikki was surprised. She'd expected his voice to convey disappointment at having been interrupted, but there didn't appear to be any of that.

"See you some other time Matt," Sammi said, jumping up as Nikki came to the table. She took Nikki's hand and led her back the way she'd come. Nikki glanced over her shoulder and was surprised, but pleased, to note that whilst Matt was watching them depart, he was focused not on the taller, blonde Sammi, but upon herself. She quickly turned to face the way that she was walking again and tried to piece together what might have been happening before she started berating her friend.

"I think you're on to a good thing there Nikki," Sammi started to tell her as they returned to grab their things. So I did a bit of ground work to help you along the way!"

"Sammi!" Nikki cried, torn between relief that her friend hadn't been moving in on a guy that she'd had her eye on and anger that she might have left him with impressions that she wasn't about to live up to.

"Don't worry, I didn't tell him anything bad and I didn't tell him that you want to fuck him or anything. All I did was talk to him and lead your name into the conversation to try and see if he liked you too."

"Thank God for that," Nikki said with evident relief. "I was ready to kill you!"

"Yes well I wondered how you might feel, but I figured if I left it up to you, you wouldn't let me do it and then you wouldn't do it yourself!" Sammi replied, grinning as she stuffed her books into her bag.

Nikki laughed, knowing that Sammi had read her correctly. "So, um, does he er, like me?" she asked as they walked out of the library and headed towards the party.

"I'd say there's a fair to middling chance that he'd like to jump your bones," Sammi said happily. Nikki rolled her eyes at Sammi's choice of expression.

The two girls jumped into Sammi’s car and took off for the party.

Nikki wanted to know who it was that Sammi had been busy blowing but didn't want to give away the fact that she'd seen it. Instead she asked what Sammi had been up to.

"Not much, it's just a library after all," Sammi replied non-commitally.

Nikki found that knowing she was lying made her feel even naughtier about having peeked. It was exciting.

By the time that they arrived, the house was pumping and they greeted their friends enthusiastically as they made their way into the house, scoping out who was where. Sammi grabbed a drink from the cooler and offered one to Nikki.

“Yeah, thanks, Sammi,” Nikki said to her friend, taking the flavoured vodka drink from her. The two girls set out to explore who was at the party and who wasn’t. The party was already kicking along well when they got there and some of the known hard core party goers were already pretty pissed.

The girls danced in the living room with a heap of other people and kept topping up their drinks.
Someone mentioned that there was a game of spin the bottle going on upstairs and Sammi started to drag Nikki up there. Nikki was following her up the stairs when she saw Ben walk in through the door. She thought about Matt back at the library, but with a few drinks under her belt, she couldn't help but think about the football hunk.

"Come on, I want to spin the bottle!" Sammi urged her, trying to drag her upstairs.
Nikki was torn. It wasn't like Ben knew who she was or anything, but if she went upstairs, there was a fair chance that wouldn't change ...


Does she spin the bottle or stay downstairs?

Vote for which way it continues!


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