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Nikki thought about the feeling of Sammi’s lips on hers. She could feel her body reacting in its own way and decided that if it felt that good, then maybe she shouldn’t be too quick to stop. 

Emboldened by the lack of resistance, Sammi’s left hand slid from Nikki’s hip and moved over her dress and fondled her breast. Her right hand moved down and slid back to Nikki’s left hip and then around to the small of her back. Sammi pulled Nikki in tight, trapping her hand on her friend’s breast. She kissed her again. 

Nikki’s hands moved to rest on Sammi’s hips. They stayed there as they kissed, but Sammi’s hands weren’t so static. Her right hand sought Nikki’s buttock and groped it firmly, squeezing it before slipping up under her dress. Nikki pulled Sammi in tighter, wanting more now that she had accepted the idea that her friend desired her. 

Sammi freed her hands and started undoing the buttons at the back of Nikki's dress. She pushed it off her shoulders, exposing her bra before abandoning it bunched up at her waist.  She moved both hands around behind Nikki, releasing the clasp of her bra. Nikki was pushed back against the wall again, their kiss broken as Sammi's hands ran over Nikki’s stomach. Nikki held her breath as Sammi slid her hands up her torso to caress her breasts in the flesh. 

“God Nikki, I hope this turns you on as much as it does me,” Sammi said, feeling her friends hard little nipples thrusting into the palms of her hand. Nikki’s flesh was smooth and her breasts firm and Sammi delighted in her first ever touch of another girl’s boobs. 

Nikki wasn’t quite sure where to go from here, but decided that if she just followed Sammi’s lead she would see where it got them. In following her lead, she ran her hands around to Sammi’s back and slid them up under her top so that she could release her bra. With that done, she tentatively slid her hands to cup Sammi’s breasts beneath her top. Her pussy was alive with the excitement of the encounter as she gently fondled her friend for the first time.

“Wow, your breasts feel great,” Nikki said to Sammi.

“So do yours, there’s something really cool about getting to feel someone else’s,” Sammi giggled. “I want to feel yours on mine Nikki, can we mush them together?”

“Um, ok,” Nikki replied. Sammi pulled her top off and discarded it, grinning at her topless friend.

“Can you lock the door?” Sammi asked Nikki, given that she was standing closer to it that she was.

“Fuck, good idea,” Nikki laughed. She reached over and turned the latch on the door so that no one could come in and find them half naked together. Then she turned back to Sammi. They stood facing each other, both hesitating slightly until Sammi opened her arms in a welcoming gesture. Nikki stepped into her friend’s embrace and they crushed their breasts against one another. 

“Oh wow, that feels so good,” Sammi smiled at Nikki. Nikki responded by kissing her friend again. When they stopped, Sammi lead Nikki to the bed and together they lay down and resumed kissing, taking time to feel each other’s breasts and rub them together. 

“Can I suck your boob Nikki?” Sammi asked after a few minutes of kissing.

“Um, ok,” Nikki replied tentatively. She allowed Sammi to push her back on the bed and then lay there as Sammi leaned over her and took her nipple into her mouth. Nikki watched Sammi’s tongue dance around her nipple and then get sucked deep into her mouth. She moaned at the contact and the touch, it was more subtle than what she’d experienced when she’d allowed guys to go this far with her before. Between that and the ‘naughtiness’ that she felt at having another girl doing it to her, Nikki was totally turned on. 

“Wow Sammi, that feels awesome,” she said to her friend as her other nipple disappeared into her friend’s mouth. Sammi released it long enough to grin and then sucked Nikki’s nipple back into her mouth as her hand caressed Nikki’s free breast. 

After some more sucking, Sammi asked Nikki to return the favour so that she could feel what it was like to have another girl suck on her boobs. Sammi lay down on her back and Nikki moved over her, conscious of the fact that she could now feel that her panties were moist with the pleasure seeping from her pussy. She took Sammi’s larger breasts in her hands, manipulating and playing with them before she lowered her mouth to a nipple and gently licked at it. 

Her tongue twirled around and around the dark pink bud that capped her friend’s breast and she watched it stiffen in response to the attention. Then she gently closed her lips around it and sucked the breast into her mouth, experimenting with her tongue and teeth as Sammi’s hands tangled themselves in Nikki’s auburn hair.

Sammi moaned and then the two girls started and nearly fell off the bed when there was a knock at the door and someone tried to open the handle. The two girls held each other close as their hearts raced, beating against their chests. 

“Fuck, someone’s locked the door,” they heard someone outside say. Quietly as they could, the two girls grabbed their bras and slipped them on. Sammi pulled her top back on and Nikki reinstated her dress. Then, when they thought that the door had been abandoned, slipped the latch and departed, hoping that they wouldn’t be unduly observed when the left the room.

Back downstairs, Sammi held Nikki’s hand as they grabbed another drink.

“Want to leave?” Sammi asked her friend.

Nikki was torn. If they left now, she had no doubt that Sammi would want to explore,even further and she wasn't quite sure how far she could let that go. On the other hand, if they stayed, nikki could see if perhaps something might happen with Ben or if Matt perhaps showed up. If not Sammi might still be interested. She stood pondering for a few moments, conscious of the look of anticipation on Sammi's face.


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  1. Stay at the party might get even more hot