Thursday, 10 October 2013

Spin the Bottle

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"Why not," Nikki laughed "I feel like I should live a little after getting that assignment off my back.”

Sammi grabbed Nikki's hand and they were quickly followed by James who had been the one to tell them about the game upstairs. He hoped like buggery that he’d be able to spin up one of these girls for some action.

James' eyes traveled up and down Nikki's tight body as he followed her up the stairs. It was a delightful view. Her flirty summer frock's skirt flared just enough for him to catch a glimpse of her pink panties as she lead the way.

The three of them passed into the upstairs living area where a group of four girls and four guys were sitting in a circle, an empty beer bottle in the middle.

“Mind if we join in?” James asked as the people in the middle looked up to see who had entered the room. After a very quick talent survey, those on the floor enthusiastically greeted the new-comers and agreed that they should join in.

Nikki and Sammi sat down with James between them, Nikki next to Sandra and Sammi next to Bill.

Gloria reached for the bottle as everyone settled in their new places and gave it a spin. It pointed to Mark on the other side of the group. Gloria moved over to where Mark was, crawling across the space between them on her hands and knees. She kissed him, her tongue slipping inside his mouth as he returned the favour. After a nice long, lingering kiss, Gloria returned to her spot.

Bill was the next to spin the bottle and when it stopped turning, it was pointing to Mandy. They enjoyed a kiss together and then it wash Sammi's turn to spin the bottle. She waited anxiously as it came to rest, pointing at James, sitting next to her.

“Alright,” James said, scarcely believing his luck. The other participants laughed or encouraged him as Sammi turned and began kissing him. When they were done, it was James’ turn to spin the bottle. It ended up pointing at Sandy and he managed to kiss his second girl in two spins.

“You’re turn Nikki,” someone called out and Nikki put her drink down to give the bottle a twirl. It ended up pointing at Mark. Nikki didn’t really know Mark, other than as another member of the Soccer team, but she made her way over to him on her hands and knees, just as Gloria had done. She was busy kissing him and quite enjoying it, when she heard from behind her, “Man, gotta love those hot pink panties!”

She broke the kiss apart and blushed furiously as she realised that James was taking the opportunity to peek up the skirt of her sun dress to see her panty clad bum.

There were some calls to give everyone a look, but Nikki laughed them off, returning to her spot and pressing her hands down in her lap, determined to protect her modesty a little.

After several more rounds of spinning the bottle and a few more drinks, it came back to Sammi’s turn. She’d kissed a number of the guys in the circle now (as had Nikki) and was starting to get bored with the game. She really wanted something more but didn’t see this game taking it anywhere. Her attempts to turn it into strip spin the bottle had been resisted.  She gave the bottle a twirl, figuring that she’d take Nikki away from the game after this and see what else they could scare up for some fun.

The bottle came to rest pointing directly at Nikki.

“Well I guess I’m the closest since you’ve got Sandra on the other side of you,” James grinned, preparing for another kiss from the hot girl beside him.

“Unless she chooses to kiss Nikki of course,” Sandra replied, laughing.

“Mmm, now that’s an idea,” Sammi said, “What do you reckon Nikki, wanna pash?” All the guys (other than James) in the circle quickly shouted how in favour of that proposition they were and the girls all rolled their eyes at the boys' reaction.

“God Sammi,” Nikki laughed, “Now look what you’ve started, they’re like a pack of coyotes clamouring for some roadkill!”

“Yeah, you’re right, but what do you reckon, should we give them a show?”

Nikki was surprised by the excitement in her friend’s voice and when they’re eyes met, Nikki realised that Sammi was serious. She glanced around the circle.


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