Sunday, 3 November 2013

Stay and Explore the Party

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Let’s stay,” Nikki said, “It’s early yet and since I’ve managed to get my project done, I want a chance to party with you some more,” she said, smiling at Sammi. Sammi looked a little disappointed at not being able to take Nikki away from the party, but happy that she said that she wanted to party with her.

"Ok, we can stay, but on one condition," Sammi replied.

"And what might that be?"

"At the end of the night you have to let me come home with you and stay the night."

Nikki studied her friend's face. Sammi had that determined look in her eye that said she was going to get her way whether Nikki liked it or not. She considered what they'd been doing upstairs and felt butterflies come alive in her stomach at the thought of what having Sammi over for the night might mean.

"Ok, deal," she agreed suddenly, the butterflies launching themselves anew.

They headed off to find some more drinks, holding hands now and then as they moved through the house, but not all the time. Unspoken, they seemed to reach an agreement that they didn’t want to advertise what they’d been up to upstairs or where it might be taking their friendship. It didn’t stop them entirely though as Sammi made the most of every opportunity to rub up against Nikki that presented itself, especially when they had to squeeze through a tight space.

They returned to the living room and danced together and Nikki had to push Sammi back, laughing as she started to freak with her.

“Try and be a little subtle Sammi,” Nikki laughed. Sammi shrugged, the alcohol starting to strip away her inhibitions.

“Maybe I don’t care what people think,” she said, grinning as she ran her hand over Nikki’s hip and started moving it up towards her tit.

“Yeah, well that’s fine now, but what about when we go to school on Monday?” Nikki asked, taking her hand and holding it while they danced so that she could control where it went. When it became clear that Sammi had no intention of keeping her hands to herself, Nikki announced that she thought it a good time to get a couple more drinks.

She lead the way through the house to the laundry where the drinks were on ice, Sammi following along close behind, her free hand groping NIkki's butt the entire way. just as they were making their way into the laundry, Ben was making his way out. Nikki had to squeeze past him and uncharacteristically, thrust her chest forward so that her small breasts rubbed against him as he passed.

"Oops, sorry about that," she lied.

“Hey, no problem at all Nikki, you can rub against me like that any time you want,” Ben said to her, winking as he made his way off with the beer. Nikki stood speechless whilst Sammi looked on in exasperation.

"You want him badly enough that you throw yourself at him and then when he leaves a opening a bus could drive through, you just walk away?" Sammi teased Nikki, secretly glad that the opportunity had passed.

"Well shit, I wasn't even sure he knew my name and then he was just there and like, fuck, I froze!" Nikki lamented.

Sammi was torn. She knew how much Nikki idolised Ben and even though she wanted her for herself, wasn't convinced that Nikki would be up to being with her in the way that she'd like, even after their earlier fun. She was torn, did she help Sammi chase down Ben and expand her horizons, or did she let things run their own course? She knew that if Nikki hooked up with Ben it could be the end of her aspirations, but Nikki was her best ever friend!


What should Sammi do, Help Nikki with Ben,  or let things go naturally?

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