Friday, 22 November 2013

Fuck Ben

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Nikki opened her legs and Ben used his hand to guide his cock between her wet lips. He started thrusting his cock at her pussy and it slid inside. Nikki bit down on her lip as she was penetrated. She felt herself spread and then Ben was hammering at her. No build up and no consideration fro her, he just started fucking as hard and fast as he could.

Nikki wanted to enjoy it, but the complete lack of emotional connection in his action wasn't working for her.

Ben just kept fucking her, thrusting his cock into her over and over again, oblivious to what ever Nikki might be feeling. She hoped that his enthusiasm was driven by lust and would back off once he got over the initial pleasure of getting his cock in a pussy, but before she had time to even really process her thinking he was asking her, “Where can I blow, you want it in your mouth or your pussy?”

Nikki looked up at the guy that she’d been admiring, surprised that he was ready to cum already. “Not my pussy, I could get pregnant,” she said, belatedly thinking that she should have insisted on a condom.

“Your mouth?” Ben asked, “Or your arse? Yeah that’s where, let me fuck your arse Nikki, you’ll love it, it’s the best ever.”

Nikki was shocked. Her bum? Really? She'd never experimented with anything like that. Could it really be any good? She struggled with the concept.

"Come on Nikki, roll over, its fucking fantastic!" He grunted, already pulling his cock from her pussy and urging her to roll over.

Nikki hesitated. Should she?


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  1. Now I feel kind of responsible for getting Nikki into this situation. Its rough. I come here every week, and now I just feel bad. :(

    1. That's quite a flattering response as part of this whole experiment is about exploring where our choices go :) Like real life, it can't all be roses and chocolates!

      licks and kisses

  2. she should kick his balls and run for sammi

  3. I really expected more votes for the tit shot given how she was treated. I must have a very male fan base lol. I agree with Anon above ... she should have just left him to himself hehe.

    Licks and kisses,