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Help Nikki with Ben

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"Ok Nikki, clearly I am going to have to help you," she said aloud. "There's only one thing to do."

What rip his pants off and blow him?” Nikki asked, laughing

“Well that would probably work, but I don’t think you have the balls for it,” Sammi replied, appearing to consider the suggestion seriously (to Nikki's horror).

 “If you want to know what I’d do, I’d make sure that I was nice and close to him so that the next time he turns around to walk somewhere, you can rub up against him as you pass. Do it two or three times and then point out that he did say that you could whenever you want. Or accuse him of stalking you even though you’re stalking him.”

“Well, that might work,” Nikki said, “Let’s go find him.” She knew that part of her bravery was the alcohol as there’s no way that she would normally have considered such a plan practical, let alone have followed up on it.

Nikki led the way back into the house and when they saw Ben standing and talking to some of his mates, they stood very close, having their own conversation. Sammi drew attention of her own, given that she was popular in her own right at school. If Nikki hadn’t been so shy, being her friend would have paid off handsomely, but though people knew the two girls were friends, not many of them would actually say they knew Nikki.

Nikki kept an ear to the conversation and when Ben finished his beer, she readied herself. He asked his mates if they wanted a drink and he turned to head for the laundry. As he turned, Nikki made to go the other way and this time brushed her bum hard against his crotch.

“Woah,” Ben laughed as he navigated past her. “Twice in one night Nikki? This could be a habit.”

“Hey are you going for drinks?” Sammi asked him.

“Yep, back in a sec,” he replied, about to walk off.

“Well get us something … please?” Sammi called out and he nodded back to them as Nikki and Sammi held up their bottles so he had an idea what to look for.

“God, that was genius,” Nikki laughed. “I rub him and then you get him to get us drinks, you rock Sammi.”

Sammi laughed at Nikki. “You know, I think you’re just a liiiiiitle bit pissed,” she said and pulled her tight for a hug. Sammi felt her boobs press against her friend and held her close. She held her  longer than was really required just to enjoy it.

“Hey, is there room in there for me?” Ben asked as he returned with their drinks.

“Oh I reckon we could accommodate him, what do you think Nikki?” Sammi asked, grinning at the once again speechless Nikki.

“Um sure!” Nikki blurted belatedly. Ben handed drinks off to his mates before turning back to the girls.

“Come on then, show me some love!” he declared. Sammi reached around and grabbed Nikki’s hands from the other side of Ben, pulling them together so that Ben was trapped between them, Sammi against his back and Nikki pressed against his chest. Sammi started moving to the beat of the music and via the way she was holding Nikki’s hands, got her going to. Ben was left with no option but to move with them.

Nikki couldn’t believe she was this close to Ben. She ground herself against him and rubbed him as they moved, sure that she was starting to feel something growing in his pants and abandoning herself to the pleasure.

“Damn Nikki, no one ever told me you were such a party girl,” Ben said, smiling as he thrust his growing erection against her hip as she got one leg between his and worked her body hard.

“Oh she’s one of those quiet little girls that goes off like a cracker!” Sammi said, drawing a look of horror from Nikki as Ben looked at Sammi.

“Is that right? I wouldn’t mind going off like a cracker!” Ben laughed

“Feels a little more like a pipe bomb to me,” Nikki said, letting her hand rub against Ben’s now rapidly hardening cock. Sammi choked on her drink as she heard it, shocked that her quiet little friend had managed to come up with something so wild. Ben raised an eyebrow at Nikki.

“I think I might leave you two alone for a bit,” Sammi said, grinning at Nikki and giving her a thumbs up as Ben looked down at Nikki. She disappeared and Nikki felt a moment of panic as she was abandoned. She didn't want to fuck things up.

“Wanna dance some more Nikki?” Ben asked.

“Absolutely,” Nikki said, allowing Ben to take her hand and lead her to the living room where the actual dancing was taking place. She couldn’t help but note that some of Ben’s friends gave him quizzical looks as he left with her (after all, she simply wasn’t one of the girls they’d expect him to hook up with) but he ignored them.

On the 'dance floor', Nikki danced dirtier than she ever had before, taking every chance to make contact with Ben’s hard cock or his tight bum, rubbing herself against him, making sure that he was getting plenty of tit mashed against him. Her panties were soaked and when Ben suggested that maybe they should get a drink and find somewhere a little quieter, she readily agreed.

They got as far as the laundry before stopping to chat. Nikki stood centimetres from Ben as they drank and chatted, desperately wanting him to kiss her.

Ben took his time studying Nikki. He liked Nikki from the little that he knew her. She was always fairly quiet at school, but smart. She did well in class and now that he actually took a little more time to survey her physically, he was impressed by what he saw. He wondered just how far she was willing to go. Did she really go off like Sammi said? Sammi had her own reputation, though Ben had no first hand experience to verify it. From what he’d heard though, if Sammi said she went, then she truly went.

As Nikki took a drink, Ben’s hand settled on her hip. It felt like a heat pack through the thin fabric of her sun dress and Nikki wanted to melt on the spot. Instead she put her drink down, somehow sensing that this might be just what she’d been waiting for. She put her hands on his two hips, hoping that it was enough encouragement.

Ben decided to go for it. He put his second hand behind her back so that his palm rested on the small of her back and pulled her in close. Nikki gasped slightly as she felt the confidence in his grasp. His head was Bending down and Nikki looked up into his eyes as her lips parted to meet his. Gently at first and then more fervently, the two of them kissed. Nikki flicked her tongue against his and enjoyed the probing of his tongue in her mouth. Gentle but firm and insistent. Nikki slipped her hands down to Ben’s butt, feeling the muscles there, squeezing them somewhat daringly. Ben responded in kind, one of his large hands seizing a buttock gently and caressing it. Nikki pulled herself closer so that she could feel his hard on pressing against her stomach.

After a few minutes, they broke apart.

“Wow,” Ben said.

“Wow indeed,” Nikki grinned. Her heart was racing and her pussy was on fire. She simply couldn’t imagine this dream having come true.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” Ben suggested. Nikki readily agreed and soon found herself in an empty bedroom, laying on a bed with Ben, kissing him as she felt his hand start to gently explore her limits, sliding along the light fabric of her dress toward her breasts.

Nikki held her breath, waiting for the point when his hand would close over her tit. It seemed like his hand made an achingly slow progression, but finally she felt the warmth and pressure of his palm slide up over her boob. He squeezed it gently before grabbing it a little more firmly. Nikki plunged her tongue into his mouth, kissing him hard as he fondled her.

Nikki could feel herself seeping into her panties she was so turned on. She hadn’t dared hope that she’d even get to talk to Ben and now he had his hand on her tit and she had her tongue in his mouth! As she kissed him and enjoyed the thought, his hand started to move back down her body. She felt it slide over her butt and down to her thigh where his palm made contact with her flesh. Then it started to slide back up, pushing up under her dress until he had her butt cheek in his hand and only her panties separating his flesh from hers.

Nikki wanted to reach out and find out how hard (and big) his cock was, but wasn’t quite game enough to do so. She wasn’t even sure how far she really wanted Ben to go. It wasn’t like she was his first and it wasn’t like they’d been dating either. Hell, they’d only just started kissing like half an hour before.

Whilst Nikki thought and made no effort to resist, Ben continued to push her limits. His cock was rock hard as he slid his hand up under her dress and felt her panties beneath his palm. He moved it up to her hip, still under her dress and pushed her over onto her back, rolling a little so that his erection was pressed against her other hip, one leg slightly over the top of hers. Then he moved his hand across to her belly. It was nice and firm, not to mention flat. Ben peered at Nikki in the dim light of the room afraid that if he stopped, she might change her mind.

Nikki’s breathing quickened as she felt Ben’s hand travel down from her stomach and her heart skipped a beat when it closed over her mound. He hadn’t put his hand in her panties, but his fingers now pressed against her pussy lips. She knew that he would find that her panties were soaked, because she could feel them clinging to her lips. Ben’s fingers probed and pushed, feeling her sex through her panties, drawing a moan from Nikki. She could feel his cock pressed against her hip. It was much harder than she’d anticipated.

“Take the dress off Nikki,” Ben said, suddenly moving to drag the dress up towards her head, exposing her pink panties.

Nikki hesitated. Should she take her dress off for him or not?


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