Thursday, 14 November 2013

Take the Dress Off

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What if this is the only chance I ever get with him?” Nikki’s insecurities said to her.

She lifted her butt and allowed Ben to slide the dress up over her hips and then sat up as he dragged it up over her head as well. She lay back down as Ben ran his hands over the skin of her abdomen, between her bra and panties. He groped her breasts, telling her that they were lovely little handfuls.

Ben sat up on the bed along side her and pushed her bra straps down off her shoulders before sliding the bra down toward her waist, exposing her. Nikki 's nipples were so tight they were almost aching. She held her breath while Ben stared at her tits before placing his warm hands on them and feeling them some more.

“Wow, you have really great tits,” Ben said. Nikki blushed at the compliment and then Ben’s head was descending and his mouth closed over her nipple, sucking it hard into his mouth. Nikki moaned with pleasure in response, thrusting her breast at his mouth.

Nikki reached down with her hand and groped around until she managed to close it over Ben’s erection, feeling it through his jeans. He groaned as he felt her apply pressure to his hard shaft, then rolled onto his back and undid his belt, button and fly, sliding his pants off and exposing himself.

Nikki watched, enjoying her first glimpse of his rock hard cock. Ben rolled back toward her and she grabbed it in her hand, loving how hard it felt. Ben’s hand cupped her mound and then quickly slid inside her panties.

Nikki felt his fingers slide over her pussy and quickly spear between her lips, penetrating her.

“Fuck, you’re really wet,” Ben said, grinning at her as her hand worked up and down on his cock. Nikki closed her eyes as she felt his fingers slide in and out of her hole and when they stopped she sighed, disappointed. She opened her eyes as she felt his cock pulling away from her hand and worried that something had gone wrong, but Ben was just making room so that he could grab her panties and slide them down her legs.

Nikki shifted her bum just enough to allow it to happen and suddenly she was laying naked on a bed in front of the guy that she’d day-dreamed about all year. Ben knelt alongside her and used his fingers to explore Nikki’s pussy. Nikki resumed stroking his cock.

“Suck it baby, suck my cock,” Ben said to her, moving his dick closer to her head. Nikki looked at it. She knew what to do in theory, having had many discussions with Sammi on the various aspects of sex, but she hadn’t ever actually sucked a cock yet.

Nikki thought that she shouldn't that she couldn’t let things go this far and then just stop. Surely that wouldn't be fair on Ben. She knew that if a jock only got this far with her that he'd likely tell everyone and then she was would be an outcast. Although that might not have mattered to her at another time, tonight, with a number of drinks behind her and in the heat of the moment, it was enough to have her lift her head and slide it over the tip of Ben’s cock.

She sucked the head a little before starting to experiment with what Sammi had told her. Soon she was moving her head up and down on his cock, feeling him thrust at her as he continued to finger her pussy.

She sucked him for several minutes before Ben pulled away and started to move. Before she really knew what was happening, He was between her legs and the tip of his cock was pushing at the entrance to her pussy. He was about to fuck her!

It was one of those moments where she had but a split second and was torn as to what to do.


Did she let him fuck her or stop him and offer to finish him with her mouth? Vote at the top right!

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